October 14: Webinar—Peng Xu “Meiren tu: The Double Life of the Courtesan’s Portrait in Late Ming China”

Peng Xu is an assistant professor in Chinese theatre at UHM. A Fulbright fellow this year, she explores innovative ways to engage the vast amount of late imperial dramatic texts as well as the sonic, visual, and material dimensions of Chinese theatre in different historical periods. Her articles appear in the Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies, T’oungpao, Late Imperial China, and CHINOPERL: Chinese Oral and Performing Literature. She is the co-editor of a special issue of CHINOPERL, entitled “Chinese Opera, Xiqu and New Media, 1890s–1950s.” She is working on two books, one entitled “The Courtesan’s Drama: Women and Chinese Elite Theater, 1550s–1644,” the other “Kunqu Theatre: An Introduction” (Bloomsbury).

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