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Honolulu, HI 96822
Tel: (808) 956-8821
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K. Osada, RDH, MEd (Program Administrator)—dental hygiene, dental anatomy, oral histology
M. Arucan-Masunaga, DDS—dental hygiene
K. Chung, RDH—dental hygiene
C. Chun-Ung, RDH—dental hygiene
E. Cortez, RDH, MSAH—dental hygiene
L. Fong, DDS, MS—dental hygiene
P. Fujimoto, RDH, DDS—dental hygiene
N. Galarza, RDH, MEd—dental hygiene, community health, dental materials
G. Lau, RDH, MEdT—dental hygiene
M. Lau, RDH, MEd—dental hygiene, peridontology
C. Lemrick, DMD—oral histology
K. Nakasone, RDH, MEd—dental hygiene
A. Ogawa, RDH, DMD—dental hygiene
M. Oishi, DDS—dental hygiene
P. Sunahara, RDH, MEd—dental hygiene, oral pathology
N. Velasco, RDH—dental hygiene

Degree Offered: BS in dental hygiene

The Academic Program

The Department of Dental Hygiene at UH Mānoa offers the only baccalaureate dental hygiene educational program in the state. It offers the preparation required by dental hygienists to provide oral health care and education to the people of Hawai‘i, the continental U.S., and the Pacific-Asia region.

The bachelor of science in dental hygiene offers professional training, a foundation for personal and professional development, and preparation for graduate study. Students completing the degree in dental hygiene qualify for admission to the national and regional dental hygiene examinations for licensure to practice dental hygiene in private, public health, and other dental hygiene settings.


The dental hygiene program is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation, American Dental Association.

Each program accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation must post the Notice of Opportunity and Procedure to File Complaints with the Commission on Dental Accreditation. A copy of the appropriate accreditation standards and/or the Commission’s policy and procedures for submission of complaints may be obtained by contacting the Commission at: 211 East Chicago Avenue; Chicago, Illinois 60611-2678; Tel: 1 (312) 440-4653.


Department of Dental Hygiene
Hemenway Hall 200-B
Honolulu, HI 96822
Tel: (808) 956-8821
Email: uhmdh@hawaii.edu

Academic advising is provided by faculty of the Department of Dental Hygiene. Potential applicants as well as students in need of advising should call for appointments.


All enrolled dental hygiene students are advised to meet with a faculty advisor regarding their progress toward their degree to ensure that all requirements are met at least two semesters before the scheduled graduation date.

An application for graduation must be submitted with a degree fee to the Cashier’s Office, QLCSS Room 001. This should be processed during the first three weeks of the semester the student intends to graduate.

Undergraduate Study

The Department of Dental Hygiene’s undergraduate program provides the following route to the bachelor of science degree:

  • Traditional Dental Hygiene Pathway

Applicants are strongly advised to attend an informational session at the Nancy Atmospera-Walch School of Nursing before submitting an application to the program. For more information, please visit the NAWSON Department of Dental Hygiene website at dentalhygiene.

Traditional Dental Hygiene–BS in Dental Hygiene

For current UH Mānoa and transferring college students

The Pre-Dental Hygiene designation is available for students planning to pursue program admission at UH Mānoa. The Pre-Dental Hygiene designation does not guarantee admission to the dental hygiene program. A separate application and review is required for admission to the bachelor’s in dental hygiene program.

This baccalaureate dental hygiene pathway admits students to the bachelor of science program following completion of a minimum of 29 semester credit hours of prerequisite and the majority of general education courses.

Admission and Application Requirements

For detailed admission and application information, please visit the NAWSON Department of Dental Hygiene website at nursing.hawaii.edu/dental-hygiene-certificate/how-to-apply/.

BS in Dental Hygiene

Students must complete the following:

  • General Education Core requirements (see the “Undergraduate General Education Requirements” section in the Catalog)
  • Pre-requisite requirements
  • Dental Hygiene major requirements
  • Other major requirements and electives

General Education Core Requirements

  • See the Catalog

Pre-requisite Requirements

  • CHEM 161 or BIOC 141
  • COMG 151 or 251
  • ENG 100
  • FSHN 185
  • MICR 130 and 140L
  • PHYL 141/141L and 142/142L
  • PSY 100
  • SOC 100

Major Requirements

  • DH 231/L Oral Anatomy and Tooth Morphology (2)/Lab (2)
  • DH 238/L Basic Dental Hygiene I (2)/Lab (2)
  • DH 240/L Basic Dental Hygiene II (2)/ Lab/Clinic (3)
  • DH 250 General Histology (2)
  • DH 251 Oral Histology and Embryology (1)
  • DH 28l/L Dental Radiography (2)/ Lab/Clinic (1)
  • DH 361 Health Education and Promotion (2)
  • DH 366 General Pathology (2)
  • DH 367 Oral Pathology (1)
  • DH 369/L Dental Materials (1)/ Lab/Clinic (1)
  • DH 370/L Expanded Functions in Dental Hygiene (2)/ Lab/Clinic (1)
  • DH 375/L Clinical Dental Hygiene I (2)/ Clinic (4)
  • DH 380/L Clinical Dental Hygiene II (2)/ Clinic (3)
  • DH 389 Pain Control and Local Anesthesia in Dentistry (2)
  • DH 390 Periodontology I (2)
  • DH 391 Periodontology II (2)
  • DH 473 Community Health (3)
  • DH 475/L Advanced Clinical Dental Hygiene I (2)/ Clinic (4)
  • DH 480/L Advanced Clinical Dental Hygiene II (2)/ Clinic (4)
  • NURS 363 Introduction to Nursing Research (3)
  • PHRM 203 General Pharmacology (3)
  • PUBA 301 Health Care Administration (3) (UH-West Oahu)

For information on a Bachelor Degree Program Sheet, go to www.manoa.hawaii.edu/ovcaa/programsheets/.