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1356 Lusitana Street, 6th Floor
Honolulu, HI 96813-2421
Tel: (808) 586-2920
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K. M. Murayama, MD (Chair)—general surgery, minimally invasive surgery
D. S. Alam, MD—otolaryngology
L. P. A. Burgess, MD—otolaryngology
A. H-S. Cheung, MD—general surgery, transplant surgery
M. B. J. Chun, PhD—community and cultural psychology
S. N. Crawford, MD—orthopedic surgery
C. M. T. Cryer, MD—general surgery
D. S. Inouye, MD—general surgery, surgical critical care, trauma surgery
J. M. Isa, MD—anesthesiology
J. A. Kendall, MD—radiology
C. Klem, MD—otolaryngology
D. G. Lattimer, MD—urology
J. Lederer, MD—radiation oncology
L. S. K. Lee, MD—orthopedic surgery
W. M. L. Limm, MD—general surgery, transplant surgery
C. S. F. Lorenzo, MD—general surgery, minimally invasive/robotic/bariatric surgery
E. M. Masuda, MD—vascular surgery, general surgery
D. J. Mikami, MD—general surgery, minimally invasive surgery
K. Mitsunaga, MD—orthopedic surgery
S. Y. Morita, MD—general surgery
A. J. Oishi, MD—general surgery
F. D. Parsa, MD—plastic surgery
S. K. Steinemann, MD—general surgery, surgical critical care, trauma surgery
G. A. Suares, MD—emergency medicine
C. J. Tadaki, MD—general surgery
D. M. Takanishi, Jr., MD—general surgery, surgical oncology, surgical critical care
P. I. Tsai, MD—thoracic/cardiovascular surgery
L. L. Wong, MD—transplant surgery, general surgery
R. K. Woo, MD—pediatric surgery
S. L. Woodruff, MD—general surgery
F. L. Yost, MD—general surgery
M. Yu, MD—general surgery, surgical critical care, trauma surgery

Degree Offered: MD

The Academic Program

Surgery emphasizes the use of interventional techniques to treat injury and disease. The educational program encompasses the pathology, pathophysiology, diagnosis, treatment, and perioperative management of surgical disease and trauma.

The department provides instruction to medical students in all surgical disciplines, as well as the related fields of anesthesiology, radiology, and emergency medicine. It directs general surgical and orthopedic residency programs, as well as a surgical critical care fellowship. Research and continuing medical education programs are provided.