John A. Burns School of Medicine
BSB 222
651 Ilalo Street
Honolulu, HI 96813
Tel: (808) 692-1504


*Graduate Faculty

*O. LeSaux, PhD (Interim Chair)—genetic disorders; dystrophic calcification
*F. P. Bellinger, PhD—trace elements in brain function
P. Bertino, PhD—vaccine strategies and immunotherapy
*D. S. Haymer, PhD—DNA analysis in human forensics and molecular genetic variations in populations
*P. Hoffmann, PhD—selenoproteins in inflammation, immunity and cancer
*N. G. James, PhD—neurodegeneration, protein interactions, fluorescence microscopy
*D. M. Jameson, PhD—fluorescence spectroscopy; biomolecular dynamics and interactions; ribosomal proteins
*R. A. Nichols, PhD—neuropharmacology, neuroscience and physiology
*J. Panee, PhD—biomedical research ethics in health consequences of marijuana use
*M. W. Pitts, PhD—selenoproteins in metabolism and neurodevelopment
*S. E. Seifried, PhD—biostatistics, bioinformatics and computational biology
*A. Stokes, PhD—physiology and function of ion channel proteins in cardiometabolic diseases
*C. Todorovic, PhD—neurobiology of learning and memory, neuropharmacology

Cooperative Graduate Faculty

*M. Berry, PhD—selenoproteins, antioxidants and human diseases
*L. A. Seale, PhD—comparative endocrinology, metabolic syndrome, obesity

Adjunct Faculty

A. Fleig, PhD—electrophysiology (patch-clamp); calcium signaling in muscle cells; regulation of calcium signaling; cellular neuroimmunology
K. Pellegrin, PhD—pharmacy, psychology, research training
R. Penner, PhD—electrophysiology (patch-clamp); intra- and intercellular signal transduction; regulation of calcium signaling; cellular neuroimmunology
J. Ramos, PhD—MAP kinase signaling and drug discovery
H. Turner, PhD—immunogenetics, cannabinoid receptors, cell signaling
M. Tuthill, PhD—use of recombinant technologies in the production of monoclona antibodies and gene expression profiles of bacterial and human platforms

The Academic Program

Faculty in the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology have ongoing research programs in areas such as genetics, cell biology, biochemistry, and neurophysiology. The department also provides instruction in the basic principles and concepts of genetics, biochemistry, and molecular biology to medical students, graduate students from various disciplines, and undergraduates.

The faculty also participate in the training of PhD and MS graduate students in the interdisciplinary Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Program. This program brings together faculty with expertise in biochemistry, cell biology, cell signaling, developmental biology, genetics, immunology/retrovirology, neurobiology/neurophysiology, plant molecular physiology, and reproduction function for collaborative teaching and research activities. Information on the Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB) Graduate Program can be found in the “Interdisciplinary Programs” section of this Catalog, on the CMB website, or interested applicants can contact:

Michelle Tallquist
John A. Burns School of Medicine
Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Program
651 Ilalo Street
Honolulu, HI 96813
Tel: (808) 692-1579