General Information

The College of Health Sciences and Social Welfare is made up of three professional schools—medicine, nursing and dental hygiene, and social work along with the Office of Public Health Sciences. It was established to provide a coordinated interdisciplinary approach to the solution of problems common to the health science fields. Interdisciplinary courses, colloquia, institutes, and practicum experiences permit students to become acquainted with one another and with trends and developments in the professions represented. The college is governed by an executive committee composed of the deans. The degree programs of each field are summarized in this Catalog and in separate bulletins published by the units, available through their student services offices. These bulletins are available through the student services office of each school.


The mission of the college is to serve society by increasing, refining, disseminating, applying, and sharing knowledge, wisdom, and values relating to the health and social welfare concerns of the public. It carries out this mission through research, instruction, and service in medicine, nursing, public health, social work, and related health and biomedical sciences.

Degrees and Certificates

For information on degree and certificate offerings, refer to the Catalog sections of John A. Burns School of Medicine, School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene, and Myron B. Thompson School of Social Work.