UH Manoa offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degrees, minors, and certificate programs. Changes in programs and degrees approved after December 2019 may not be reflected in this listing.

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Undergraduate Graduate
Field of Study College/School Degree Minor Certificate Master’s Doctorate Certificate
Accounting BUS BBA MAcc x
Adapted Physical Activity EDUC MS(3)
Aging SW Cert. (1)
Agribusiness Management CTAHR Cert. (20)
American Studies A&S BA Minor MA PhD
Animal Sciences CTAHR BS MS
Anthropology A&S BA Minor MA PhD
Architecture ARCH MLA DArch
Art A&S BA(2), BFA Minor MFA
Art History A&S BA(2) Minor MA
Asian Studies SPAS BA Minor MA(21) x
Asian International Affairs SPAS MAIA
Astronomy A&S, IFA BA Minor MS PhD
Astrophysics A&S, IFA BS Minor
Athletic Training EDUC MS
Atmospheric Sciences SOEST BS Minor MS PhD
Biochemistry A&S BA, BS
Biological Engineering CTAHR BS MS(23)
Biology A&S BA, BS Minor
Biomedical Sciences MED PhD(23) x
Botany A&S BA, BS Minor MS PhD
Business Administration BUS Minor MBA PhD
Cell and Molecular Biology IP MS PhD
Chemistry A&S BA, BS Minor MS PhD
Chinese A&S BA(5) Minor Cert. MA(6)(22) PhD(6)(23)
Chinese Studies SPAS MA(21) x
Civil Engineering ENGR BS MS PhD
Classics A&S BA Cert.
Clinical Psychology A&S x
Clinical and Translational Research MED MS
Communication A&S BA MA
Communication and Information Sciences IP PhD
Communication Sciences and Disorders MED Cert. MS
Communicology A&S BA Minor MA
Computer Engineering ENGR BS
Computer Science A&S BS Minor MS PhD
Conflict Resolution A&S x
Construction Engineering ENGR BS
Creative Media A&S BA
Curriculum and Instruction EDUC PhD(8) x
Curriculum Studies EDUC MEd
Dance A&S BA, BFA Minor MA, MFA
Dental Hygiene SONDH BS x
Developmental and Reproductive Biology MED MS PhD
Dietetics CTAHR BS
Disability and Diversity Studies EDUC x
Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance A&S x
Early Childhood Education EDUC MEd
Earth and Planetary Sciences SOEST Cert. MS PhD
Earth Sciences SOEST BS Minor
East Asian Languages and Literatures A&S MA(6, 23) PhD(6)
Economics A&S BA Minor MA PhD
Education EDUC Minor PhD(8)
Educational Administration EDUC MEd PhD(8)
Educational Foundations EDUC MEd PhD(8)
Educational Policy Studies EDUC PhD(8)
Educational Psychology EDUC MEd PhD
Electrical Engineering ENGR BS MS PhD
Elementary Education EDUC BEd Minor Cert.
Engineering Science ENGR BS
English A&S BA Minor MA PhD
English as a Second Language A&S BA(9)
Entomology CTAHR MS PhD
Entrepreneurship BUS BBA x
Environmental Design ARCH BEnvD
Environmental Earth Science SOEST BA(12)
Environmental Management CTAHR MEM
Environmental Studies UED BA(9) Cert.
Epidemiology SW PhD
Ethnic Studies A&S BA Cert.
Exceptionalities EDUC PhD(8)
Expanded Function Dental Hygiene in Pediatrics SONDH Cert.
Fashion Design and Merchandising CTAHR BS Minor
Filipino A&S BA(10) Cert.(7)
Filipino Language and Culture A&S Minor
Finance BUS BBA MS
Food Science CTAHR MS
Food Science and Human Nutrition CTAHR BS
French A&S BA Cert. MA (23)
Geography and Environment A&S BA Minor MA PhD
Geospatial Information Science A&S Cert.
Gerontology MED x(1)
German A&S BA Cert.
Global Environmental Science SOEST BS
Hawaiian SHK BA Minor Cert. MA
Hawaiian Language Immersion Education SHK Minor
Hawaiian Studies SHK BA MA
Hindi A&S BA(13) Cert.(7)
Historic Preservation A&S x
History A&S BA Minor MA PhD
Human Development and Family Studies CTAHR BS
Human Resource Management BUS BBA MHRM
Ilokano A&S BA(10) Cert.(7)
Ilokano Language and Culture A&S Minor
Indonesian A&S BA(13) Cert.(7)
Indo-Pacific Languages A&S Cert.(7)
Information Systems BUS MS
Information and Computer Sciences A&S BA MS
Interdisciplinary Studies UED BA(9)
International Business BUS BBA
International Cultural Studies IP x
Islamic Studies A&S Cert.
Japanese A&S BA Minor Cert. MA(6, 23) PhD(6, 23)
Japanese Studies SPAS MA(21) x
Journalism A&S BA
Juridical Science LAW SJD
Khmer (Cambodian) A&S BA(13) Cert.(7)
Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science EDUC BS(3) MS(3) PhD(8)
Korean A&S BA(5) Minor Cert.(5) MA(6) PhD(6)
Korean Studies SPAS MA(21) x
Latin America and Iberian Studies A&S Cert.
Law and Society Scie Cert.
Learning Design and Technology EDUC MEd PhD x
Library and Information Science A&S MLISc x
Linguistics A&S BA(9) MA PhD
Literacy Leader EDUC x(22)
Management BUS BBA
Management Information Systems BUS BBA
Marine Biology A&S BS
Marine Biology IP MS PhD
Marine Option Program A&S Cert.
Marketing BUS BBA
Marketing Management BUS MS
Mathematical Biology A&S Cert.
Mathematics A&S BA, BS Minor MA PhD
Measurement & Statistics EDUC x
Mechanical Engineering ENGR BS MS PhD
Medical Anthropology A&S Minor
Medical Technology MED BS x(14)
Medicine MED MD
Merchandising CTAHR Minor
Microbiology A&S BA, BS Minor MS PhD
Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering CTAHR MS PhD
Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology CTAHR BS
Molecular Cell Biology A&S BS
Museum Studies A&S x
Music A&S BA, BEd(15), BMUS Minor Cert. MA, MMus PhD
Natural Resources and Environmental Management CTAHR BS MS, MEM PhD
Nutritional Sciences CTAHR MS PhD
Nutrition CTAHR PhD
Ocean and Resources Engineering SOEST MS PhD
Ocean Policy A&S x(11)
Oceanography SOEST MS PhD
Online Learning and Teaching EDUC x
Pacific Island Studies SPAS BA MA x
Peace Studies A&S BA(9) Cert.
Philippine Language and Culture A&S BA(10)
Philippine Studies SPAS MA(21) x
Philosophy A&S BA Minor MA PhD
Physical Education EDUC BS(3) MS(3)
Physics A&S BA, BS Minor MS PhD
Planning Studies A&S x
Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences CTAHR BS(23)
Plant Production and Management CTAHR Minor
Political Science A&S BA Minor MA PhD
Program Evaluation EDUC x
Professional Educational Practice EDUC EdD
Psychology A&S BA, BS Minor MA PhD
Public Administration A&S MPA x(16)
Public Health SW BA Minor MPH, MS DrPH(23), PhD
Public Policy EDUC x
Rehabilitation Counseling EDUC MS(3)
Religion A&S BA Minor MA
Renewable Energy and Island Sustainability ENGR x
Resource Management IP x
Russian A&S BA(23) Cert.
Samoan A&S BA(13) Cert.(7)
Sanskrit A&S BA(13) Cert.(7)
Second Language Studies A&S BA Minor MA PhD x(17)
Secondary Education EDUC BEd Minor PBCSE (18)
Social Welfare SW PhD(19)
Social Work SW BSW MSW
Sociology A&S BA Minor MA PhD
Sophomore Honors UED Cert.
South Asian Studies SPAS MA(21) x
Southeast Asian Studies SPAS MA(21) x
Spanish A&S BA Cert. MA
Special Education EDUC PBCSPED (18) MEd
Sustainable Tourism TIM Cert.(23)
Sustainability UED BA(9)
Tahitian A&S Cert.(7)
Teacher Leader EDUC x(22)
Teaching EDUC MEdT
Telecommunications Information Resource Management A&S x
Thai A&S BA(13) Cert.(7)
Theatre A&S BA Minor MA, MFA PhD
Travel Industry Management TIM BS Cert. MS
Tropical Agriculture and the Environment CTAHR BS
Tropical Medicine MED MS(4) PhD(4) x
Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences CTAHR Cert.(20) MS PhD
Tropical Plant Pathology CTAHR MS PhD
Urban and Regional Planning A&S MURP PhD x
Vietnamese A&S BA(13) Cert.(7)
Women’s Studies A&S BA Cert. x
Zoology A&S BA(23), BS(23) MS PhD


(1) The Undergraduate Certificate in Aging and the Advanced Certificate in Gerontology is offered by the Center on Aging.

(2) The BA in Art is offered with a studio focus or an Art History focus.

(3)The BS in Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science is offered in Health and Exercise Science and in Health and Physical Education. The MS in Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science offers specializations in physical activity, adapted physical activity, and rehabilitation counselor education. The MS in Athletic Training offers the Professional track.

(4) The MS in Biomedical Sciences is offered in tropical medicine.

(5)The BA in Chinese in East Asian Languages and Literatures has a concentration in Chinese Flagship. The BA in Korean in East Asian Languages and Literatures and the Korean Certification Program have a concentration in Korean for Professionals.

(6) The MA and PhD in East Asian Languages and Literatures are offered in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

(7) The Undergraduate Certificate for Indo‑Pacific Languages is offered in Filipino, Hindi, Ilokano, Indonesian, Khmer (Cambodian), Samoan, Sanskrit, Tahitian, Thai, and Vietnamese.

(8)The PhD in Education is offered in the following specializations: curriculum and instruction, educational administration, educational foundations, educational policy studies, exceptionalities, and kinesiology.

(9)Students can receive a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies in a wide variety of individualized BA programs, including but not restricted to: aquaculture, cognitive science, conflict resolution, criminology, developmental disabilities, English as a Second
Language, gerontology, global studies, human relations in organizations, international studies, interpretation, linguistics, peace studies, pre-law, pre-medicine, pre-physical therapy, and translation and interpretation.

(10) The BA in Philippine Language and Literature has concentrations in Filipino or Ilokano.

(11) The Graduate Certificate in Ocean Policy is coordinated by the Department of Economics.

(12) The Department of Earth Sciences offers the BS in Earth Sciences, BA in Environmental Earth Science with a concentration in Earth Science Education, MA in Earth and Planetary Science, and PhD in Earth and Planetary Sciences.

(13) The BA in Interdisciplinary Studies for Indo‑Pacific languages has several concentrations: Hindi, Indonesian, Khmer (Cambodian), Samoan, Sanskrit, Thai, and Vietnamese.

(14) A Post-baccalaureate Certificate for Clinical Training in Medical Technology is offered by the School of Medicine.

(15) A BEd in elementary or secondary education with a major in music is offered in conjunction with the Department of Music and the College of Education.

(16) There are two tracks of the Graduate Certificate in Public Administration: Nonprofit Management and Public Service Leadership.

(17) The Department of Second Language Studies offers an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Second Language Studies (SLS) and in SLS-Spanish Applied Linguistics.

(18) The Post-baccalaureate Certificates in Secondary Education and Special Education are undergraduate professional certificates.

(19) The PhD in Social Welfare is offered by the School of Social Work.

(20) The Agribusiness Management Certificate is offered in Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences.

(21) The MA in Asian Studies has concentrations in Asian International Affairs, Chinese Studies, Japanese Studies, Korean Studies, Philippine Studies, South Asian Studies, Southeast Asian Studies, and Inter-Asia.

(22) The Department of Curriculum Studies offers graduate certificates in Ethnomathematics; Literacy Leader: Literacy Specialist; and Teacher Leader.

(23)There is no admittance to: the BA in Zoology degrees effective Spring 2013; Undergraduate Certificate in Sustainable Tourism effective Fall 2015; Graduate Certificate in PK-3 effective Fall 2015; BS in Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences effective Fall 2016; PhD in Biomedical Sciences effective Fall 2017; Doctor of Public Health effective Fall 2018; MS in Biological Engineering effective Spring 2019; MA in East Asian Languages and Literatures (Chinese, Japanese) and PhD in East Asian Languages (Chinese, Japanese) effective Spring 2020; Master of Arts in Music Education effective Fall 2019; BA in Russian effective Fall 2020; MA in French effective Fall 2020.

Abbreviation Key – Degree

BA bachelor of arts
BBA bachelor of business administration
BEd bachelor of education
BEnvD bachelor of environmental design
BFA bachelor of fine arts
BMus bachelor of music
BS bachelor of science
BSW bachelor of social work
DArch doctor of architecture
DNP doctor of nursing practice
DrPH doctor of public health
EdD doctor of education
JD juris doctor
LLM master of laws
MA master of arts
MAcc master of accounting
MBA master of business administration
MD doctor of medicine
MEd master of education
MEdT master of education in teaching
MEM masters of environmental management
MFA master of fine arts
MGEO master of geoscience for professionals
MHRM master of human resource management
MLA master of landscape architecture
MLISc master of library and information science
MMus master of music
MPA master of public administration
MPH master of public health
MS master of science
MSW master of social work
MURP master of urban and regional planning
PhD doctor of philosophy
PBCSE post-baccalaureate certificate in secondary education
PBCSPED post-baccalaureate certificate in special education
SJD doctor of juridical science


A&S — Colleges of Arts and Sciences
ARCH — School of Architecture
BUS — Shidler College of Business
EDUC — College of Education
ENGR — College of Engineering
SHK — Hawai‘inuiakea School of Hawaiian Knowledge
IP — Interdisciplinary Programs
LAW — School of Law
MED — School of Medicine
SONDH — School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene
SPAS — School of Pacific and Asian Studies
SOEST — School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology
SW — School of Social Work
TIM — Travel Industry Management
CTAHR — College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources
UED — Office of the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education