SI Supplemental Instruction 

Spring 2023  SI SCHEDULE

First day of SI: January 17, 2023

Course Instructor Time Location Tutor
Math 242.007/8 Corea Tuesday 5-6  LAC Ona

What is SI?

SI is a weekly study group facilitated by a student leader. SI leaders are students who have taken the course and earned at least a B. They attend all the class sessions, so they know what's going on in your class. If you see them, say hi!

You do not need to sign up or register for an SI. Simply attend a session that fits your schedule.

The Goal of SI

is to help students learn how to succeed in traditionally difficult courses. Working with faculty, SI seeks to help students learn to solve problems, organize classroom materials, and develop effective study strategies. SI sessions are designed to engage students in the learning process and to create a positive, interactive, and stimulating learning environment. Therefore, the friendly SI leaders are trained in proactive learning and study strategies.

Data from the last 10 years suggest that students who engage in SI and/or tutoring more than four times a semester earn a half to a full letter grade higher than students who do not engage in SI and tutoring.

"This is what I need to succeed in Chemistry!
Super helpful!"

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