The Academic Resource Center assists with developing effective study strategies that will help you find the motivation needed to get the grade you want. There are also individual tutors in areas that many students find difficult including chemistry, math, biology, and economics. We provide study groups for these difficult courses, and conduct workshops to learn how to manage time, read more effectively, take better notes, and doing better on exams. If you think you may have a learning disability, we provide initial screening and support to cope with learning problems.

At times, course content needs to be discussed in a one-to-one, personalized session to help you develop clarity and conceptual understanding. Therefore, ARC tutors will not only help you understand the course material, they will also help you develop effective study strategies. Effective study strategies go beyond helping you learn course material and earn high grades; they enable you to tackle new and challenging material in your future coursework.

Photo of Director of LAC Rosie


Rosemary Woodruff

Her 40+ years at UHM includes taking a full-time position at the counseling center right after graduating with a bachelors in secondary education, earning a masters degree in counseling, becoming tenured faculty, earning a doctorate in educational psychology, working in testing, counseling, outreach, career placement, and finally learning assistance. She loves helping students achieve their academic goals with foci on finding the right career, developing effective learning strategies, and sustaining motivation. She finds service the focal point of her career. Besides serving students and faculty, she actively participates in faculty governance, holds leadership positions in national professional organizations and maintains a healing practice.

When she finds time to relax and have fun, she likes to practice calligraphy, sing (with others), dance, read a good book, play with poetry, go bowling, play a fun game of volleyball or softball, and watch football, movies or selected Korean drama.


Program Coordinator

Adam Pang

He earned his B.S. in English and M.A. in Second Language Studies. Helping people learn is his passion. He thrives on assisting people in achieving their academic goals, enhancing their writing skills and acclimating to academia. His academic interests include socio-cultural learning, writing instruction, and program evaluation and assessment.

Outside the ARC, he enjoys nature through biking and hiking. He travels more miles on his bike and on the hiking trails than in his car. He relaxes with dining on flavorful foods and trying to duplicate them in his kitchen. He rarely follows a recipe, so every meal he cooks is an experiment. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. Taste life!


Me Makapuu lighthouse trail


Hello! My name is Adriel and I am majoring in Computer Science here at UH. This semester I will be tutoring MATH up to 242. I am also open to tutor PHYS 170 as well as ICS 111, 141, 211, 212, and 241. In my free time I enjoy playing chess, basketball, piano, and electric bass. Looking forward to working with you all!



Heyo, my name is Biscuit, my pronouns are they/them, and I am a bachelor's Marine Biology Major. I'm open for tutoring for Biology (171-265 and Lab) and General and OChemistry (161 to 272(OChem) and Lab)! Outside of class, I like spending time at the beach, swimming or with friends, and reading, but I like doing just about anything in the outdoors and am a huge Camp enthusiast! I hope that I can help you understand all of the information you need from your classes and get you where you need to be to succeed, hope to see you this semester!



Hello my neighbors! My name is Brian “Fubuma” Kim. I am a Computer Engineering Major with a hint of game development. I am a natural introvert which tends to surprise nearly everyone I meet. I thoroughly enjoy history, learning new languages, restoring the Byzantine Empire in 1444, playing strategy games, 3D modeling, reading manga, gardening, and developing my game. I have an adorable younger sister, whom I affectionately call “Stinkabinidae” and an older sister. I’ve worked several odd Jobs here and there, so like the grandpa I am, I’ll never run out of stories. I’ll be glad to help y’all with Math 100-242, Physics 151 - 272, programming; EE160, 260, 371, ICS 111, GER 101, 102 and JPN 101-202.



Hi guys! My name is Daria and I am a biochemistry undergraduate in my junior year here at UH. I am originally from Russia and in my free time you can find me catching flights and travelling. If you struggle with any kind of chemistry (specifically general chemistry 161 & 162 or organic chemistry 272 & 273), I will be happy to help. I'm excited to work with you all this semester!

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Hello everyone! I'm Emma, and I am majoring in nursing. During my down time, I like to crochet, watch true crime or wildlife documentaries, read manga and webtoons, or check out new places to eat. If you need help with anatomy and physiology (PHYL 141, PHYL 142), or even pathophysiology (NURS 212), feel free to come to me for some tutoring 🙂 Remember that it's okay to ask for help and to use your resources, one of them being the ARC!


Hi everyone! My name is Ethan and I am majoring in mechanical engineering. In my free time I enjoy hiking, going to the beach, and free diving. This semester I am tutoring MATH 241-244, CHEM 161-162, and PHYS 151/171. I look forward to working with you all.

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Hi! My name is Jonathan. I'm tutoring CHEM 161, 162, BIOL 275, 402, 408, 472, MICR 130, 351, 461, JPN 101-201, and my favorite snack is hot cheetos! 



Hello! I'm Kelly and I am a Finance Major. I'll be tutoring BUS 250, BUS 310, BUS 311, BUS 314, BUS 315, ECON 130-131, ACC 200 and 210 this semester. In my free time, I love to explore various hikes around Oahu, cook interesting-looking food (unintentionally of course), and play lots and lots of video games. I am also an adventurous person and would like to experience everything at least once in my lifetime, especially skydiving. I hope to meet you soon!"



My name is Koceyla and I am majoring in Marine Biology. I enjoy cooking, video games, basketball, and soccer. This semester I am tutoring for Chemistry (CHEM 161, 162, 272) and Labs, Math up to Calculus 2 (MATH 100-242), Physics (PHYS 151-170), and Biology (BIOL 171, 172, 265 and Labs). I am also fluent in French, so please don't hesitate to ask for help!



Aloha everyone! My name is Kyle and I am majoring in accounting. If you need help with BUS250, ECON130, ECON131, ACC200, BLAW200, BUS310, and BUS312, feel free to set up a tutoring appointment with me! In my free time, I love hiking, playing chess, and traveling around the world.



Hey! My name is Ona and I'm majoring in Atmospheric Science. This semester I will be holding Supplemental Instruction for MATH242 and will also be available for walk-in tutoring at HSC. I tutor MATH 100-243 and PHYS 151&171. Outside of class I enjoy climbing, hiking, and reading. Looking forward to working with you!



Hi everyone! My name is Yimin and I am majoring in biological engineering. I'm open to tutor MATH 100-244, PHYS 151-272, CHEM 161-272, and BIOL 171-275, 275L. Other than that, I'm fluent in Chinese, feel free to ask for help if you need! I'm a foodie who also likes to hike, sing, play ukulele, read, and cook. Looking forward to working with you all 🙂