Want to be a Tutor?

The peer tutor is primarily a learning facilitator who develops autonomous, effective learners who can function independently to meet their learning goals. Thus, conceptual understanding of content is developed through interactive sessions that encourage engagement in the learning process.

Being a tutor can be a very satisfying experience that contributes to self-development. You can either apply for a paid position or become a volunteer tutor. We are always looking for students who earn a B or better in difficult courses who are interested in helping other students learn.

Minimum Requirements

- Earned B or better in course you will be tutoring
- Experience in formal tutoring
or leadership position
- Effective communication skills
- Ability to work with diverse populations


Tutors will function as contributing members of a team in helping to develop and implement an effective and responsive tutoring program that maintains respect and concern for students as indivdiuals. They will be willing to continually develop their skills as tutors and to take initiative to respond appropriately to unanticipated procedural or program changes.

How to schedule an interview

If you are interested in a paid position, go to the student employment website and find the tutoring position in the Learning Assistance Center: job number 51394-A4
If you want to become a volunteer tutor, join the Peer Mentor Ohana (PMO).

To get more information: