Transfer Advisors

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Manoa Transfer Coordination Center (MTCC) is to help students transfer smoothly from a UH Community College to University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM), graduate with a Bachelors degree within four years, and provide advising support throughout the transfer process.


Do you have questions about the transfer process? Are you facing difficulties in transferring to UH Manoa? Stop by the Manoa Transfer Coordination Center (MTCC) to speak with an advisor who can assist you in navigating the transfer process to UH Manoa.

Advisors will:

  • Explain the various transfer options for UH Manoa
  • Identify and provide contact information of specific Manoa college and major advisors
  • Identify UH Manoa campus resources
  • Address transfer issues
  • Provide guidance to students in the Ka‘ie‘ie Degree Pathway Program

Updates & Events

The Manoa Transfer Coordination Center is located in Sinclair Library's Student Success Center (first floor in the Heritage Reading Room, Mezanine #2).