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Reimbursement/Direct Payment Request Forms

2024-2025 Accesing Funds Reimbursement Packet 
This packet contains the forms required to seek reimbursement

2024-2025 Direct Payment Packet
This packet contains the forms required to seek direct payment

Funding Process Resources

SAPFB Information Briefing Session Presentation

Information Briefing Session slide deck for Fall 2024 Funding, uploaded 02/16/2024.

SAPFB Application for Fall 2024 Funding

Application due March 12, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. (HST). 

SAPFB Accessing Funding Video

Fall 2024 Collaboration Document

Click File > Make a copy

To gain an overview on application prompts, please view our Fall 2024 collaboration document using an account. This document covers all the sections of the Google Form Application for Fall 2024 funding, and serves as a collaborative tool for your organization to work together on the application before entering the details into the actual form. DO NOT SUBMIT THIS DOCUMENT as part of your organization’s materials as this is only a guide for the application. 

Budget Template/Instructions

All applicants are required to use our budget template. Do not use any other budget templates.

Funding Presentation Template
Updated for Fall 2024 Funding 

File > Make a Copy > Entire Presentation

All groups are required to submit a funding presentation in the Google Form application. The updated template includes notes from the SAPFB Board about required sections and general recommendations. All budgets must be provided in the presentation. 

Model Funding Presentation Example
The SAPFB Board has created a sample presentation for your reference when completing your organization’s presentation, updated for applications for Fall 2024 funding. 

APM Limitations in Purchasing
Items that the University of Hawaii prohibits payment for.

APM Specialized Purchasing
Special items that the University of Hawaii may allow payment for.

Disability Access Funding Application Form
For groups seeking disability access funding for their SAPFB-funded events.

 SAPFB Post-Activity Report
Must be completed after submission of reimbursement funding documents.

Other Documents

SAPFB Original Charter

SAPFB Original General Criteria

SAPFB Charter (Effective Jan. 13th 2020)

SAPFB General Criteria (Effective Jan. 13th 2020)

SAPFB General Meeting Minutes

Non-Personnel Services Contract (OPRPM Form 63)
OPRPM Form 63 is to be used by UH Departments and UH Programs only. RIOs may not use OPRPM Form 63.

Service Contract
To be used by RIOs for NPS purchases.

Flight Comparison Example
Generate Car Rental comparison(s) similarly to flight comparison.

Invoice Example Template
Use this sample to generate an invoice to close out Purchase Order.


Tax Forms

2024 WH-1 Tax Form
For individual.

W-9 Tax Form
For organizations/vendor.