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Application / Funding Hearings

Once you finish attending one of the info briefings, an online application link will be sent to the contact person that signed in at the info briefing. One applicant group is allowed to submit up to three separate event proposals within their application. The funding application must be completed and submitted with the following items:

  • Final budget(s) for each proposed event USING OUR TEMPLATE (budget template)

“Micro Award” events requesting $1,500 or less DO NOT get a funding hearing presentation and will be deliberated using the above documents.

Applicants who are requesting for more than $1,500 for any single event must sign up for a funding hearing slot for each of those specific events, with the exception of the new pilot application procedure!

Pilot Application Procedure

Under the new pilot procedure, an event requesting for more than $1,500 may be optional if your event falls under all of the following conditions:

  • Your group is a veteran applicant (applied to SAPFB anytime in the past)

  • Your group is applying for a reoccurring event that has been presented before

  • Your group has presented at a funding hearing in the past two semesters

The purpose of the new pilot procedure is so that veteran groups applying for funding towards a reoccurring event can have some flexibility. If your event qualifies, you are given the option to opt-out of the funding hearing. You may still sign up for a funding hearing slot to present your event if you want!