Call for Nominations and Nomination Guidelines

The Student Award for Excellence in Research recognizes outstanding research accomplishments of undergraduate and graduate students working toward their degrees at UH Mānoa. Candidates must be nominated by their faculty advisor. Nominations at different degree levels (bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral) are eligible. Please note that awards are for individual students only, not groups/teams.

Application Deadline

Terms of Award

Each award consists of $1000. The award review committee may choose not to confer an award at certain degree levels.


Any currently enrolled undergraduate student working towards a bachelor’s degree and any currently enrolled classified graduate student working towards a master’s or doctoral degree may be nominated by their faculty advisor. Each student is limited to receiving one award at any given degree level.

Required Documents

  1. From the faculty advisor: A statement describing and assessing the candidate’s research activities and accomplishments. If the nomination is for a thesis or dissertation research, the statement should also evaluate the impact of the research on the knowledge base of the discipline.
  2. From the candidate:
    a. a brief biographical profile indicating academic goals and accomplishments (one paragraph),
    b. curriculum vitae, and
    c. a summary of research accomplishments and its significance (1 page)
  3. Support letters from the candidate’s department chair and at least one other individual familiar with the candidate’s research. All letters should be addressed to Dr. Chad Walton, UHM Assistant Vice Provost for Research and Scholarship and must be sent directly to the UHM Office of the Vice Provost for Research and Scholarship via email (

Evaluation Criteria

The review committee will consider all of the candidate’s scholarly research activities and accomplishments at UH, up to the time of the candidate’s nomination. Specifically, the committee evaluates the following:

  1. Overall quality of the nomination
  2. Evidence of the quality, originality and significance of the research
  3. Strength of the support letters
  4. Quality of candidate’s expanded abstract
  5. Quality of candidate’s previous scholastic awards and recognitions
  6. Quality of candidate’s previous research accomplishments (e.g. paper/poster presentations, journal publications)

Application Procedure

Submit all required materials to the UHM Office of the Vice Provost for Research and Scholarship by the specified deadline via email (