Effective February 1, 2024, all space assignments at UHM related to research space will be made following the UHM Research Space Allocation Guidelines. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the document.

These guidelines mark a significant change in how research space is allocated on the UH- Mānoa campus. The intent is to prioritize laboratory space for active researchers and new faculty in order to best support the research enterprise across all units in an equitable and transparent manner.

Overview of Specific Guidance

New Hires

Units are encouraged to communicate with the UHM Space Recommendation Committee as soon as they receive approval. This will minimize delays related to assigning new faculty laboratory space. Per the Provost Routing and Delegation Guide (Research Start Up – Space Requests/Modification section) and the Review of Job Offers with Unique Provisions posted on the OVPAE website, all offer letters for research faculty will need to have a space request submitted prior to any offer being made. The space request does not have to be approved prior to an offer being made, however the UHM Space Recommendation Committee needs sufficient time to work with the units to explore and identify appropriate laboratory space. This step in the process will help identify any potential renovations that are required and can be considered during the preliminary start-up negotiation phase. Units are encouraged to communicate with the UHM Space Recommendation Committee.


All researchers that are leaving UHM will need to complete the decommissioning process. This is to ensure proper disposal/transfer of all equipment and chemicals. Laboratories cannot be simply transferred to a different researcher without approval from the UHM Space Recommendation Committee.

Research Space Faculty Advisory Council

The role of the Research Space Faculty Advisor Council is to provide a wider campus perspective on proposed space assignments; provide annual updates to the UHM Research Space Allocation Guidelines; and disseminate information related to space assignments, relocations and/or renovation projects. The Research Space Faculty Advisor Council will have ten members. Seven members will be faculty members nominated for one-year terms by deans/directors from various units, where the units represented will rotate annually. Three members will be nominated from GSO, ASUH and COR, where representation from these organizations will be permanent. Membership will be posted once the appointments have been made.

UHM Space Recommendation Committee

Jan Gouveia, Vice President of Administration
Michael Bruno, Provost
Laura Lyons, Interim Vice Provost for Academic Excellence
Chad Walton, Assistant Vice Provost for Research and Scholarship
Sheri Mau, Space Management Specialist, Office of the Vice President for Administration

Any questions can be sent to: