Residence Halls

Hale Aloha (Lehua, ‘Ilima, Mokihana, Lokelani)

Hale Aloha is comprised of four towers, named after flowers of the four most populous Hawaiian islands. The Hale Aloha towers are Freshmen Only environments, with residential learning programs available for students.

Johnson Hall

Johnson Hall is comprised of two adjoining buildings, providing students with a supportive living and learning environment in which they can successfully pursue their academic dreams.

Frear Hall

Frear Hall provides students with a housing option that combines community and independent living, offering students four varying suite styles to choose from.

Gateway House

Gateway House is a 10 story residence hall, offering students a double-room suite style setting. Gateway Cafeteria is located on the ground floor.

Hale Kahawai & Hale Laulima

Hale Kahawai and Hale Laulima are two 4-story buildings, located at the entrance to Manoa Valley and provides a quiet, cool living environment with quick and easy access to upper campus.

Hale Ānuenue

Hale Ānuenue is a three story, individual living option for students, located just minutes away from Stan Sheriff Center and the lower campus athletic facilities.

Hale Ānuenue will be closed for the 2022-2023 year.


Hale Wainani

Hale Wainani is comprised of two high-rise towers and two low-rise apartment buildings, designed for students seeking independent living.

Hale Noelani

The Noelani Apartment Complex will be closed for the 2022-2023 year.

Find Your Community

Deciding which residence hall is best for you is no easy task. With a wide variety of options to choose from at UH Mānoa, you’ll want to take some time to learn more about the communities and room types available.

ADA rooms are available for students. Please learn more about applying for these rooms on our disability accommodations page.

These buildings have floor elevators available for student use:
  • Hale Aloha
  • Frear Hall
  • Gateway House
  • Hale Wainani
The upper floors of the following buildings are only accessible by stairs:
  • Johnson Hall
  • Hale Kahawai & Hale Laulima
  • Hale Ānuenue
Only Frear Hall and Hale Ānuenue have AC units in each room.

AC may be requested as a disability accommodation through KOKUA. Learn more about Disability Accommodations…
Single User Community Bathrooms
Shared with hall residents but only one resident can use at a time
  • Hale Aloha
  • Johnson Hall
Community Bathrooms
Multi-user bathrooms shared with hall residents
  • Hale Kahawai & Hale Laulima
  • Hale Ānuenue
Shared Private Bath
Private bath shared between suitemates
  • Frear Hall (2 or 4 bedrooms suites)
  • Gateway House (2 bedroom suites)
  • Hale Wainani (2 bedroom apartments)
Private Bath
Private bath for residents of a single room
  • Frear Hall (1 bedroom suites)
  • Gateway House (1 bedroom suites)
  • Hale Wainani (1 bedroom apartments)
Most of our residence halls are located across the street from upper campus.

Hale Kahawai & Hale Laulima are located on upper campus, across from Moore Hall.

Hale Ānuenue is located by the athletic complex, and is farther from upper campus than our other communities.
See our rates page to learn more about the prices for each community.
Our various communities offer different living styles for you to choose from:

Single Occupancy Rooms
  • Frear Hall
  • Hale Ānuenue
  • Hale Laulima
Double Occupancy Rooms
  • Hale Aloha
  • Johnson Hall
  • Hale Kahawai
  • Hale Laulima
  • Gateway House (1 bedroom)
Suite Style Rooms
  • Gateway House (2 bedroom)
  • Frear Hall (2 bedroom and 4 bedroom)
  • Hale Wainani (1 bedroom and 2 bedroom)
Student Housing offers varying Specialized Community options:
  • Freshmen Students
  • Graduate Housing
  • Family Housing
  • Disability Accommodations
  • LGBTQ+/Gender Inclusive Housing
  • Residential Learning Programs
Learn more on our Specialized Communities page.