Residential Dining

Residential Dining
  Please Note: Terms for residential dining are complying with State of Hawaii and the City & County of Honolulu directives for food establishments. Dine-in services will be offered in the dining hall(s) as stipulations allow. If a dine-in service is limited or not possible, meals will be provided on a take-out basis.

Take-out containers will be provided free of charge. All food and beverages will be placed in these containers by Sodexo employees.
Your containers must be covered upon exiting the cafeterias. We apologize for any inconvenience to you.

Services proved at all residential and retail dining venues are subject to change.
Meal Plans

Campus Dining is provided by Sodexo, a nationally known college food service management organization. Participation in the dining program is mandatory for residence hall students and optional for apartment residents.

Dietary restrictions are not grounds for exemption from a dining plan. Alternate housing should be sought due to special diets. Any resident who fails to comply with the dining program requirements will be subject to termination of his/her Student Housing Services contract.

Meal plan payments must be submitted to the Student Housing Services office by mail, or in person, by the deadline stated on resident invoices. A $25.00 late fee will be assessed for payments received after the deadline.

The meal plans entitles you to various meals, in the form of swipes, each week during the semester, plus a predetermined amount of retail meal points per semester. For example, the Select Plan entitles residents to eat up to 14 meals each week and $175.00 in meal points that may be used at the residential dining cafeterias and various campus retail outlets. Please note that unused meals for the week will expire each Saturday night; meal points will expire at the end of the spring semester.

These plans feature the traditional residential dining experience with unlimited second servings at either the Hale Aloha or Gateway House Cafeterias. Additionally, meals may be eaten at select retail campus outlets at the Campus Center. Meals at retail venues will have a cash equivalency $5.50 per meal and function like the former block plans. Points may be used to cover any cost above the equivalency.

Academic Year Meal Plan Prices
Plan Description
Fall Cost 2021
Spring Cost 2022
Prime 19 19 Meals/week + $100 retail points $2,859.00 $2,881.00
Choice 14 Any 14 Meals/week + $175 retail points $2,491.00 $2,509.00
Select 10 Any 10 Meals/week + $225 retail points $2,170.00 $2,185.00
Basic 7 Any 7 Meals/week + $250 retail points $1,841.00 $1,854.00
Apartment Club 50 meal swipes per semester + $75 retail points
(plan is available to Hale Wainani residents only)
$770.00 $770.00

Additional points for all plans may be purchased online on the OneCard website.

Cancellation and Refunds

Refunds will be given only for hall transfers to the apartments or when a housing contract is terminated. A $25 cancellation penalty for meal plan cancellations will be assessed. Refunds will be prorated on a weekly basis.
For more information please visit the Sodexo website.