The Housing Contract serves as the official agreement between the University and student residents who choose to live at UH Mānoa. The contract outlines the terms and conditions of the lease, including the rent amount, payment due dates, reservation fees, maintenance responsibilities, and other important details and must be signed in order to secure on-campus accommodations.


We recommend all residents review a sample housing contract prior to applying for on-campus accommodations. Doing so helps prevent misunderstanding and miscommunications that negatively impact the residential experience on-campus.

Housing contracts are linked below and will be updated if any revisions are incorporated.


Residents may make a lump sum payment, sign up for predictable monthly installment payments via the UH Payment Plan, or make incremental payments throughout the semester as funds become available.

Regardless of which option you choose, a reservation fee of $400 is required to secure your housing space and must be received by student housing by the date listed on your invoice. Failure to remit this reservation fee will result in a forfeiture of your housing offer. You will need to reapply and your application will be reviewed in the order in which it is received if submitted after the priority deadline.

If you are carrying an overdue housing balance of $200 or more that becomes due, a hold may be placed on your account which will impact your ability to register for courses in the following semester. Housing contracts may be terminated, official transcripts will be withheld, and the overdue balance may be referred to a collection agency. Other sanctions as defined in University of Hawaiʻi Administrative Rules, Chapter 20-10 may be imposed.


  • Online Credit Card – Follow the instructions on the link below. You will be required to sign your housing contract before you are directed to this payment site.
  • In Person – Bring your signed housing contract and payment to the Student Housing Services Cashier’s Office
    • Frear Hall, 2569 Dole Street, 8:00AM-4:00PM
  • Check – Must be in US dollars, payable to UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII.
    • All mailed checks must be received, not postmarked, by Student Housing’s Cashier by the due date.


Transfers constitute a contract change. Residents that are interested in room or hall transfers may submit a request at the start of each semester during the Open Transfer Period. The number of room transfers that can be accommodated is subject to room availability and is not guaranteed. Once the Open Transfer Period closes, requests for room changes will be considered on an ad hoc basis and must be due to extenuating circumstances.


Students may initiate a request to terminate their housing contract by providing Student Housing Services written notification of their intent to vacate. The notification should include a detailed explanation addressing the circumstances surrounding the request. Student Housing Services also reserves the right to initiate a contract termination if residents breach their housing contract or are found to be in violation of Community Standards and/or the Student Code . Common reasons for contract termination include but are not limited to the following.

  1. Non-Attendance
    • If a resident graduates from the University and no longer meets the requirements to live in student housing, their contract will be canceled without penalty so long as proof of graduation can be provided.

  2. Withdrawal from the University of Hawaiʻi System (Oahu)
    • If a resident withdraws from classes and falls below the eligibility requirements to live in on-campus accommodations, the process to terminate a housing contract will be triggered. Students will remain financially responsible for all charges incurred during their time as residents.

  3. Transfer
    • If the resident is formally leaving the University of Hawaiʻi system to attend another institution or transferring to a campus on another island, a contract cancellation request will be approved upon verification of the transfer.

  4. Participation in a Study Abroad Program
    • If the resident is participating in a study abroad or national student exchange program their contract may be cancelled without penalty so long as proof of program participation is provided.

  5. Academic Suspension or Dismissal
    • If the resident has been suspended or dismissed from the University of Hawaiʻi their housing contract will be terminated and the student will remain financially responsible for all charges incurred during their time as residents.

  6. Financial Hardship
    • Residents filing a contract termination request due to financial hardship must furnish documentation that there has been a significant and unexpected change in their financial situation. The resident and any other person(s) supporting the resident must demonstrate that the source of the financial hardship is entirely outside of their control and could not otherwise have been avoided.

  7. Personal Crisis
    • Residents requesting a contract termination based on personal crisis must provide documentation to verify the claim and demonstrate that Student Housing Services is unable to provide any accommodations on campus that will meet their needs. Examples are extenuating health concerns and family emergencies.


In the event that a student would like to dispute a charge on their housing account, they may submit a financial appeal.  Students may appeal housing fees and penalties, including cancellation fees, through the financial appeals process.   Please be sure to review all of the information about the Financial appeal process before you submit an appeal.