Events & Catering

About Paradise Palms Café

Paradise Palms Café, on the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa campus, is a food court facility managed by UHM Food Services. Located on upper campus next to Hamilton Library and Kennedy Theater, this facility features six food vendors, an air-conditioned dining room, and an outdoor eating area. Paradise Palms Café is open five days a week and is available for evening and weekend rentals.

Special Event Reservations

Paradise Palms may be reserved for special events during the following times. Note: Subject to change due to holidays, academic calendar, or scheduled maintenance. Main dining area is open to public during regular hours of operation. Individual vendor hours may vary.


Saturday – Sunday
7:00am – 2:00pm


Monday – Friday
4:30am – 6:00pm
(Moore section only)


Monday – Friday
6:00pm – 10:00pm
Saturday – Sunday
3:00pm – 10:00pm

If you are interested in reserving the facility for your special event, please complete the Paradise Palms Café reservation form.

We will respond to your inquiry within two business days.

Facility Rental Fee

To maintain our facility operations, we require a small fee for special events. Discounted rates for University of Hawaiʻi departments and registered student organizations may apply.*


Dining Room (4200 sq ft)

Moore-Patio (1640 sq ft)

UH Affiliate

$300 $115

Non-Profit Organization

$250 $100

RIO/CSO (Registered Student Organization)

1-6 hrs $67.50 $50
7-12 hrs $135 $67.50

UH Department or UH business-related event

1-6 hrs $0 $135
7-12 hrs $0 $67.50

Main Dining Room

Maximum seating capacity for our air-conditioned indoor dining area is 294. Approved reservations include:

  • Sixty-four (64) 48 in. x 30 in. tables
  • Thirty-two (32) 24 in. x 30 in. tables
  • 294 chairs (does not include outside table seating)
  • Entry-way partition from service area
  • Use of outside patio area

Moore Section

Maximum seating capacity for our sectioned, indoor dining area on the Moore Patio side of the dining room is 75. Approved reservations include:

  • Sixteen (16) 48 in. x 30 in. tables
  • Twelve (12) 24 in. x 30 in. tables
  • 75 chairs
  • Two (2) stanchions to section-off area

Catering Services

Paradise Palms Café offers a variety of vendors that may provide affordable and delicious catering for your Special Event. Catering menus vary by event size and occasion. Select vendors may provide assistance with event décor as well.

Once your Reservation Form has been processed, we will work with you to select the best catering services available for your Special Event.

Additional event planning, registration coordination, and procurement assistance may be provided by our partners, UH Conference and Event Services. We may also consult with UHM Commuter Services for event parking on your behalf.

Additional Information

We require the use of Paradise Palms Café caterer to monitor your special event. This requirement may be waived provided that an UHM Food Services employee will be on-hand to monitor the event and the customer pays a fee equal to the personnel cost. No outside food or beverages are allowed with the exception of specialty cakes (e.g. birthday, anniversary, or congratulatory cakes.) Alcohol is prohibited unless prior approval and all appropriate University documentation have been received by UHM Food Services. Any changes or cancellations to facility reservations will be assessed an administrative fee of $25. We will provide a copy of our complete Facility Rental Policy at the time your Reservation Form has been processed or upon request.

*Priority will be given to organizations and events that serve students in their academic success and enrichment of their college experience, and events that are for the benefit of the campus community.