Teacher-training seminar for in-service teachers from South Korea

Customized Teacher-Training Seminars

As a teacher-training unit of the world-renowned Department of Second Language Studies (SLS), HELP is uniquely qualified to deliver professional development seminars for English teachers and university lecturers from around the world. These seminars are an excellent opportunity for teachers to develop their English teaching techniques and learn directly from experts in the field of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). HELP has hosted educators from around the globe for intensive sessions in the TEFL methods and techniques, as well as assisting with the development of curricula for special programs.

Seminars may include:

  • Class sessions on research-based teaching techniques
  • Micro-teaching practice with guided feedback from master teachers
  • Special lectures from experts in the field of Curriculum Design, Task-Based Learning and Teaching, Authentic Assessment, and Second Language Acquisition
  • Limited observations at local schools
  • English language lessons to refresh teacher’s skills
  • Hawaiian Culture lessons
  • Extracurricular activities around Oahu

Teacher-training programs are tailored to each group’s requests. We have worked with universities and ministries of education to target specific needs of different populations of English teachers. Seminars can be customized for pre-entry, early career, and seasoned teachers of English as a Foreign Language at any level (K-12, secondary).

Special Lectures

One of the unique and outstanding characteristics of these seminars is the chance that students have to receive special lectures given by renowned faculty from the Department of SLS. Authors and experts in the field such as JD Brown, Betsy Gilliland, Graham Crookes, and Nicole Ziegler are among the well-known specialists who give these lectures.

Examples of special lecture topics:

  • Developing a Philosophy of Teaching
  • Teaching English through English
  • Place-based Language Learning
  • Approaches to Teaching Writing
  • Using Extensive Reading to develop Reading Skills
  • Media and Technology in the Language Classroom
  • Formative and Summative Assessments
  • Ongoing Professional Development for TEFL Teachers

Request for a Program Proposal

The cost of a teacher-training program will depend entirely on the nature of the specific group’s requests. Please contact us to request a program proposal and quote.