Short-term Customized Programs


Groups that desire an English Program for a short-term of two or more weeks are invited to request a customized program. We can design a complete program, which includes the curriculum, qualified instructors, textbooks, accommodations, co-curricular field trips, and/or optional guided activities.

Institutions or organizations that want to bring groups of students for Academic English instruction can also be integrated into the regular HELP program. While HELP’s classes are not credit-bearing at UH Manoa, many institutions do give credit for work done by their students at HELP, and we will provide detailed grade reports for this purpose upon request.

Examples of previous programs include:

  • Intensive Academic English
  • Hawaiian Culture & History
  • English for Specific Purposes (Business, Medical, etc.)

Extra-curricular activities

In addition to arranging for customized English language courses, HELP can assist groups with arranging tours and visits to cultural and historical sites in Hawaii, such as Pearl Harbor/Arizona Memorial, Hanauma Bay, and the Polynesian Cultural Center. Visits to neighbor islands such as Maui and Hawaii (Big Island) can also be arranged on an escorted or unescorted basis. Students may also participate in our Service Learning Program by request.

Housing & Accommodations

Upon request, HELP works with groups to place them in homestay, apartment, short-term hotel stays, or dormitory accommodations. If accommodations are requested, HELP will offer airport pickup and drop-off services. HELP can also assist in securing local transportation – whether by pre-purchasing bus passes or by arranging for shuttle services.

Teacher-Training Seminars

HELP can assist groups of any size with seminars in a specific topic related to Methods and Techniques of Teaching English, Second Language Studies, and American University Culture. Due to our location within the renowned Department of Second Language Studies, HELP has successfully hosted numerous groups of English teachers from non-English speaking backgrounds for month-long intensive workshops in the Theory and Methodology of Language teaching.

Please see our Customized Teacher-Training Seminars page for additional details on these special programs.

Request for a Program Proposal

The cost of short-term/customized programs will depend entirely on the nature of the specific group’s requests. Please use the link below to request a program proposal and quote.