Wiemer, Calla J. 魏凱


Professor Wiemer returns to UH for the summer of 2022 to teach a course based on her textbook, Macroeconomics for Emerging East Asia (Cambridge University Press, 2022). She served on the UH Economics faculty from 1984 to 1997. Since then, she has taught at the University of the Philippines (2015-18), the National University of Singapore (2004-08), the KDI School of Public Policy and Management (Summer 2019), and in IES Abroad at Beijing Foreign Studies University (Spring 2014 & 2015). Her consulting work has involved stints at China’s National Development and Reform Commission (1998-2001) and National Bureau of Statistics (2001-02). She currently serves as President of the American Committee on Asian Economic Studies and moderates the organization’s Asia Economics Blog.

Recent publications:

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Asian Economics, 2015-2020.

with Carl Bonham, “Chinese Saving Dynamics: The Impact of GDP Growth and the Dependent Share”, Oxford Economic Papers, 65(1), January 2013.

with Lu Mai, “An End to China’s Agriculture Tax”, China: An International Journal, 3(2), September 2005: 320-330.

“The Xinjiang Economy,” Chapter 6 in Frederick Starr, ed., Xinjiang: China’s Muslim Borderland  (New York:  M.E. Sharpe), 2004: 163-189.


Headshot of Calla Wiemer

Associate Professor
Porteus 527; 956-7721
Department: 956-8496; Fax: 956-4347

BA 1977, Drury College
MS 1979, University of Wisconsin
PhD 1984, University of Wisconsin

China-related courses taught
Econ 310 Economic Development for Non-Majors
Econ 405 Comparative Economic Systems
Econ 410 Economic Development
Econ 416 The Chinese Economy
Econ 610 Economic Development

Professor Wiemer’s work focuses on the Chinese economy, exploring both price reform and issues pertaining to rural labor in China. She has spent more than two years doing field research in China, and has undertaken many projects in cooperation with Chinese colleagues at Nankai University and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Her doctoral dissertation discussed the impact of schistosomiasis on China’s rural economy, and assessed the programs implemented to eradicate it.

Recent China-related publications
“Price: The Two-Tier Transition Process.” Co-authored with Lu Mai. China’s Economic Reform. Ed. Walter Galenson. South San Francisco: The 1990 Institute, with distribution by the University of Michigan Press, 1993.

“Price Reform and Structural Change: Distributional Impediments to Allocative Gains.” Modern China (April 1992).

“Closing the Price Scissors: Reform and the Interface Between Agriculture and Industry.” Co-authored with Zhao Xinghan. Prospect and Retrospect: American and Chinese Economists’ Views on the Chinese Economy. In Chinese. Ed. Zhang Zhongli, M. Jan Dutta, Yao Tinggang, and Gary Jefferson. Shanghai: Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, 1991.

“Price Reform in China: The Transition to Rationality.” Co-authored with Liu Xiaoxuan. China’s Economic Reform, 1978–1988. Ed. M. Jan Dutta and Zhang Zhongli. Greenwich, CT: Jai Press, 1991.

“Price Reform Stalled: An Inherent Obstacle, A Missed Opportunity.” Journal of Asian Economics 1 (1990).