Tao, Tien-yi 陶天翼

Headshot of TAO Tien-yi

Associate Professor, History
Sakamaki B409; 956-6766
Department: 956-8486; Fax: 956-9600
E-mail: tytao@hawaii.edu

BA 1952, National Taiwan University
MA 1954, National Taiwan University
PhD 1972, University of Chicago

Five major topics occupy Professor Tao’s research agenda: 1) the selection of government personnel during the Former Han dynasty; 2) the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom; 3) the beginning of the historical period in Japan; 4) the first Sino-Japanese War, 1894–95; and 5) Chinese historical sources, survey and reading. Currently he is working on a book on the use and reliability of primary sources in Chinese history.

China-related courses taught
Hist 309–310 East Asian Civilization
Hist 311 History of China
Hist 496 Senior Tutorial: East Asia
Hist 713 Chinese Historical Literature
Hist 721–722 Chinese Classical Antiquity to 750

Selected China-related publications
The Selection of Government Personnel: Former Han China (206 B.C.—A.D. 8), forthcoming.
Yeh T’ieh Lun (Discourses on Salt and Iron) as a Historical Source, forthcoming.
Some Attempts to Neutralize the Threat of the Imperial System: The Heavenly Mandate Theory during the FOrmer Han Period, forthcoming.
日本信史的開始 [The Beginning of the Historical Period in Japan]. 台北:三明書局,1990.