Starosta, Stanley 帥德樂

Headshot of Stanley Starosta

Professor, Lighistics
Moore 561; 956-3225
Department: 956-3225; Fax: 956-9166

BA 1961, University of Wisconsin
PhD 1967, University of Wisconsin

Professor Starosta has been dong research on the aboriginal languages of Taiwan (“Formosan Languages”) since 1964, and has taught courses on syntactic theory and Formosan aboriginal languages at Taiwan universities (Tsing Hua University, 1990; National Taiwan University, 1996-97). In 1990, he received a Luce Fellowship to spend a semester at the Academia Sinica in Taiwan to do research on Formosan languages and to continue his study of Taiwanese at the Inter-University Center for Chinese Language. He has done research and presented papers at international conferences on Mandarin and Cantonese linguistics, and was a member of the executive committee of the International Association of Chinese Linguistics, 1995-97.

China-related courses taught
Ling 102 Introduction to the Study of Language
Ling 640 Topics: Lexicase Theory
Ling 770 The Syntax of Mainland Southeast and East Asian Languages

Selected China-related publications
“Compounding Confusion in Chinese Word Formation,” with Siew Ai Ng, in T.F. Cheng (ed), Proceedings of ICCL-4 and NACCL-7, forthcoming
“On Defining the Chinese Compound Word: Headedness in Chinese Compounding and the Chinese VR Compounds,” with Koenraad Kuiper, Siew Ai Ng, and Zhiqian Wu, in Jerome L. Packard (ed), New Approaches to Chinese Word Formation, 1997.
“Grammatical Reconstruction and the Prehistory of the Formosan Language.” Fourth All-Institute Lecture, Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica (Nankang, Taiwan), 1997.
“The Chinese-Austronesian Connection: A View from the Austronesian Morphology Side.” In William S.Y. Wang (ed), The Ancestry of the Chinese Language, 1995.
“Mandarin Case Marking: A Localistic Lexicase Analysis.” Journal of Chinese Linguistics 13, 2 (1985), 215-266.