Lin, Le 蔺乐

Associate Professor of Sociology
Saunders Hall, Room 212
Phone: (808) 956 8451

B.A. Zhejiang University, 2003
M.A. Columbia University, 2009
M.A. University of Chicago, 2012
Ph.D. University of Chicago, 2017

Prof. Lin’s research centers on organizations, work/occupations and economic sociology, especially where these three areas intersect with education and healthcare in China, the U.S. and a transnational context. He studies schools, universities and hospitals as organizations, and teachers, professors and physicians as occupations. Prof. Lin’s recent research projects investigate the privatization, marketization, financialization and internationalization of China’s education and healthcare in order to better understand organizational transformation and market transition. His book The Fruits of Opportunism: Noncompliance and the Evolution of China’s Supplemental Education Industry (Chicago, 2022) has won the Honorable Mention, Asia/Transnational Book Award, American Sociological Association (ASA).


China-Related Courses

SOC 356 Chinese Society and Culture
SOC 720 Comparative Study of East Asia
SOC 723 Seminar in Modern Chinese Society



Lin, Le. 2022. The Fruits of Opportunism: Noncompliance and the Evolution of China’s Supplemental Education Industry. University of Chicago Press

Cheng, Baoyan, Le Lin and Aiai Fan. 2020. The New Journey to the West: Chinese Students’ International Mobility. Springer

Lin, Le. Globalizing China’s Classrooms. Cambridge University Press (under contract)

Journal Articles and Book Chapters 

Lin, Le and Manfred B. Steger. 2022. “Sailing around the world or sinking with the ship? Disjunctive globalization and transnational education platforms.” Global Perspectives, 3 (1): 1–13

Lin, Le. 2021. “Control and consent in the connected age: The work of contractors on transnational online education platforms.” Socio-Economic Review, 19 (4): 1291–1314

Lin, Le. 2020. “The visible hand behind study-abroad waves: Cram schools, organizational framing and the international mobility of Chinese students.” Higher Education, 79 (2): 259–274

Lin, Le. “Capitalism out of the shadow: Double ambiguity and the privatization and marketization of China’s education and training industry.” (Under review)
* Winner, The Best Paper Award on Asian Capitalism, Society for the Advancement of  Socio-Economics
* Winner, Graduate Student Research Paper Award, American Sociological Association, Section on Asia and Asian America

Lin, Le. “Financialization from fight: Intra-organizational conflict as a micro origin of IPO in emerging markets.” (Under review)