Cheng, Chung-Ying 成中英

CCS Faculty
Professor, Philosophy
Sakamaki C303: 956-6081
Department: 956-8649
Fax: 956-9228

BA 1956, National Taiwan University
MA 1958, University of Washington
PhD 1964, Harvard University

Professor Cheng’s chief research interests are in five areas: Chinese logic, the I Ching and the origins of Chinese philosophy, Confucian and Neo-Confucian Philosophy, the onto-hermeneutics of Eastern and Western philosophy, and Chan (Zen) philosophy. Recently he has worked on the philosophy of c-management and Confucian Bio-Ethics as they relate to the Chinese tradition, and on how Chinese culture fits into world culture. Professor Cheng serves as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Chinese Philosophy.

China-Related Courses

  • Phil 370 Chinese Philosophy
  • Phil 406 Intro. to Chan (Zen) Buddhist Philosophy
  • Phil 607 East Asian Philosophy
  • Phil 671 Neo-Confucianism
  • Phil 770 Seminar in Chinese Philosophy


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