Chen, Yifan 陈逸凡

CCS Faculty
Assistant Professor of Finance, Shidler College of Business
BusAd E-601; 808-956-3389

Ph.D. in Real Estate and Finance, The Pennsylvania State University, 2022
B.A. in Finance, Renmin University of China, 2015

My research is primarily focused on the real estate markets and the Chinese economy. I analyze household data to investigate the impact of mortgages on consumption patterns in urban China. Additionally, I conduct rationality tests on Chinese housing markets using proprietary project-level data. In my classes, I strive to provide unique perspectives on the subject matter by incorporating Chinese stories and topics. For example, in the Real Estate and Environmental Law course that I teach, I focus on comparing the differences in laws related to property rights, land, and housing transactions between China, the mainland US, and Hawai’i. I am committed to further integrating my research on China into my future teaching and continuing to highlight the long-standing connections between Chinese civilization and Hawai’i.

Courses Taught
RE 310 – Real Estate and Environmental Law (3)
RE 420 – Real Estate Finance and Investment (3)

Selected Publications
Chen, Yifan, Jianhua Gang, Zongxin Qian, and Jinfan Zhang. “Rationality Test in the Housing Market: Project‐level Evidence from China.” Journal of Regional Science (2022).

Chen, Yifan, Jim H. Shen and Da Zhao. “Mortgage payments and household consumption in urban China.” Economic Modelling, 93 (2020): 100-111.