Bui, Tung X.

CCS Faculty
Matson Navigation Co.
Distinguished Professor of Global Business
Professor, Decision Sciences
BusAd E-303A: 956-7173
Department: 956-7430
Fax: 956-9889
Email: tungb@hawaii.edu

Licence en lettres 1974, University of Fribourg
Advanced Professional Certificate 1978, University of Fribourg
Advanced Professional Certificate 1980, University of Geneva
PhD 1980, University of Fribourg
PhD 1986, New York University

Professor Bui’s research interests concern e-commerce, global business and decision support, information policy and national information infrastructure, and the diffusion and adoption of information technology in the developing countries of the Pacific Rim. He is the Co-director of the APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Council) Study Center; the Matson Navigation Co. Endowed Distinguished Professor, and Professor of Information Technology Management at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. Professor Bui’s current funded-research projects include survey of E-commerce in the State of Hawai’i, sponsored by the State of Hawaii Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism, and Executive Education in Management and Leadership in the Digital Economy funded by the province of Guangdong, PRC.


  • Decision Support Systems in Tung X. Bui (Ed.) Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Decision Support Systems. Hong Kong: HKUST/International Society of Decision Support Systems, 1995. 2 Vols. 683pp.
  • National Information Infrastructure in Asia Pacific,(w/ M. Tan & R. Blanning) Issues in Information Technology, 1997. Internet Development in Asia Pacific. Database (Spring 1997).