Booth, Charles D. 布卓利

CCS Faculty
Professor of Law
Director, Institute of Asian-Pacific Business Law
Chair, Pacific-Asian Legal Studies Committee
William S. Richardson School of Law
Room 250 (808) 956-5355

China-Related Courses

  • Law LWPA 553 Asian-Pacific Insolvency Law

BA, Yale University, 1981, summa cum laude
JD Harvard Law School, 1984, cum laude

Professor Booth taught at the William S. Richardson School of Law at the University of Hawai`i from 1986-89. He taught in the Faculty of Law at the University of Hong Kong from 1989 to 2005 and served as the Director of the Asian Institute of International Financial Law from 2000-2005. He rejoined the faculty at the Richardson School of Law in January 2006. Prof. Booth’s primary research interests are in comparative and cross-border insolvency and commercial law, Hong Kong and Chinese insolvency law reform, and the development of insolvency and commercial law infrastructures in Asia and the Pacific in the aftermath of the Asian financial crisis. He lectures and publishes extensively on these topics. He has authored or co-authored more than 60 publications. He has served as a consultant on insolvency and commercial law reform projects for many international organizations including the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the OECD, the ABA-UNDP, the International Republican Institute, and the International Insolvency Institute. He has been involved in projects in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Asia generally.

Selected Publications

    • A Global View of Business Insolvency Systems (co-authored) (World Bank & Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2010).
    • Hong Kong Personal Insolvency Manual (co-authored) (Hong Kong: HKICPA, 2nd ed, 2010).
    • Rescuing Hong Kong Companies with Provisional Supervision: Proposals that Workers and Management Can Support, (co-authored) 40 Hong Kong Law Journal 271-292 (2010).
    • Hong Kong Corporate Insolvency Manual (co-authored) (Hong Kong: HKICPA, 2nd ed, 2009).
    • Investigation of Insolvent Companies in Hong Kong: A Corporate Governance Crisis, (co-authored) 39 Hong Kong Law Journal 59-63 (2009), available at
    • The 2006 PRC Enterprise Bankruptcy Law: The Wait is Finally Over, 20 Singapore Academy of Law Special Issue (Insolvency Law) 275-315 (2008) available at
    • Insolvent Liquidation in Hong Kong: A Crisis of Confidence, (co-authored) (2007) 4(5) International Corporate Rescue 263-275 (UK), available at
    • Property Rights, Collateral, Creditor Rights, and Insolvency in East Asia, (co-authored) 42 Texas International Law Journal 515-560 (2007), available at
    • Corporate Rescue in Hong Kong, Chapter 12, (co-authored) in Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal (ed.), Expedited Debt Restructuring: An International Comparative Analysis, pp. 291-315 (The Netherlands: Wolters Kluwer, 2007).
    • The People’s Republic of China, Chapter 18, (co-authored) in Collier International Business Insolvency Guide, pp. 18-1 to 18-64 (LexisNexis, 2006).
    • Trends and Developments in Insolvency Systems and Risk Management: The Experience of Hong Kong, (co-authored), in Credit Risk and Credit Access in Asia, pp. 181-193 (Paris: OECD, 2006).
    • Corporate Reorganization in Hong Kong: Can Provisional Liquidation Come to the Rescue? 2(2) Journal of Restructuring Finance 183-188 (Singapore, 2005).
    • Drafting Bankruptcy Laws in Socialist Market Economies: Recent Developments in China and Vietnam, 18 Columbia Journal of Asian Law 93-147 (2004), available at
    • Corporate Debt Restructuring: Japan, the Hong Kong SAR & the People’s Republic of China – A Roundtable Discussion, 10 American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review 1-28 (2002), available at
    • Chinese Bankruptcy Law in an Emerging Market Economy: The Shenzhen Experience (co-authored) 15 Columbia Journal of Asian Law 1-32 (2001), available at
    • Provisional Supervision and Workers’ Wages: An Alternative Proposal, (co-authored) 31 Hong Kong Law Journal, 188-199 (2001), available at
    • Beijing’s Initiative on Cross-Border Insolvency: Reflections on a Recent Visit of Hong Kong Professionals to Beijing, (co-authored) 31 Hong Kong Law Journal, 312-323 (2001), available at
    • Living in Uncertain Times: The Need to Strengthen Hong Kong Transnational Insolvency Law, 34 Columbia Journal of Transnational Law, 389-447 (1996), available at
    • The Transnational Aspects of Hong Kong Insolvency Law 2 Southwestern Journal of Law and Trade in the Americas 1-80 (1995), available at
    • Case Digest: Liwan District Construction Company v. Euro-America China Property Limited, (coauthored), 4(6) China Law and Practice, 27-34 (1990).

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