Fall 2021 CCS Webinar Series

September 8 Faculty Roundtable Understanding China Series Event 1. “What Can Chinese Archaeology Contribute to the World?” Lothar Von Falkenhausen, Archaeology & Art History, UCLA. In conversation with Christopher Bae, Christian Peterson, Barry Rollett, and Miriam Stark, all of the Department of Anthropology, UHM. Co-sponsored by Anthropology and the Center for Southeast Asian Studies.

September 10 (Friday), 10–11 am. Paul Chung Memorial Lecture. “Contention, Credibility and Crisis: US–China Relations in a COVID World.” Moderator: Jay Fidell, ThinkTech Hawaii. Panelists: Stephen J. Hartnett, Communication, University of Colorado—Denver and Chiaoning Su, Communication, Journalism and Public Relations, Oakland University. Sponsored by PAMI, Shidler School of Business.

September 29 Faculty Dialogue. “On Reading and Translating Fang Fang’s Wuhan Diary.” Michael Berry, Asian Languages & Cultures and CCS Director, UCLA. In conversation with Ming-Bao Yue, EALL; CCS Director, UHM. Co-sponsored by the UH Department of EALL.

October 13 Faculty Dialogue. Understanding China Series Event 2. “Family, Gender and One-child Policy in Contemporary China.” Jing Guo, Thompson School, Department of Social Work, UH Manoa. In conversation with Meirong Liu, School of Social Work, Howard University. Co-sponsored by the UH Department of Social Work.

October 20 Faculty Presentation. Understanding China Series Event 3. “The Electric Vehicle Industry and the Role of Tesla.” Eric Harwit, Asian Studies. Co-sponsored by the UH Department of Asian Studies.

October 27 Faculty Dialogue. Understanding China Series Event 4. “Policy Storms: Understanding China’s Education, Market and State Through Recent Policy Changes.” Xiaojun Wang, Economics, and Le Lin, Sociology. Co-sponsored by the UH Departments of Economics and Sociology.

November 10 Community Voice and Dialogue. Understanding China Series Event 4. “The Legacy of Zhou Enlai.” Michael North (co-founder of the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute). Co-sponsored by the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute.

November 17 Faculty Roundtable. “India–China Relations: A Source of Rising Concern?” Andrea Malji and Yong Jae Kim, History and International Studies at Hawai‘i Pacific University, and Anna Stirr, UHM Asian Studies. Co-sponsored by the HPU Departments of History and International Studies and by UHM’s Department of Asian Studies and Center for South Asian Studies.

December 1 Administrative Voice. Topic TBA. Michael Bruno, Provost, UHM.