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CHEM 602 – Spectroscopy

1-3 Credits

Introduction to magnetic resonance, infrared, UV, and visible spectroscopy, emphasizing applications to organic and inorganic chemistry. Three topics each semester–1 credit hour per topic. Repeatable unlimited times in different topics.

CHEM 647 – Organic Synthesis II

3 Credits

Continuation of 642, and is the second half of a two-semester course in Modern Organic Synthesis. Pre: 642 and a minimum required grade for prerequisites of B. (Spring only)

CHEM 652 – Kinetics

3 Credits

Kinetics and chemical reaction dynamics of elementary reactions relevant to combustion processes, astrochemistry, chemical vapor deposition and planetary sciences.

CHEM 657 – Astrochemistry

3 Credits Syllabus

Formation of astrobiologically important molecules and their precursors in the interstellar medium and in our solar system: first principles and latest trends. (Cross-listed as ASTR 657 and GG 657)

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