Override Request Form

Please read before requesting CHEM overrides.

This form is for overrides of CHEM courses at UH Manoa Only. Overrides for courses not taught by Chemistry: Click here for instructions on how to request overrides for UH Manoa courses with BIOC, BIOL, BOT, ICS, MATH, MICRO or PHYS course alphas.

Most requests are processed within two (2) business days at which point your Hawaii.edu will be emailed. Please contact chemreg@hawaii.edu via email if it takes longer than two days.

SUMMER SESSION ONLY:  Students need an override to register for any course in the second session (e.g 162 and 162L) when taking a prerequisite courses in the first session (eg. 161 and 161L). Complete the form below and request a “SUMMER ONLY: Concurrent Registration” override. Note: students who do not pass the first lecture or lab (Chem 161/161L or 272/272L), will need to drop their second session classes (Chem 162/162L or 273/273L).

FALL ONLY:  Students taking prerequisite classes on the mainland can request an override to register for fall.  Complete form below requesting the “FALL ONLY I am currently enrolled in a prerequisite course at another institution …” override. Provide the school, course number, and a URL link to the course description. You will need to provide evidence of a passing grade (C not C-) before fall semester starts.

SUMMER LABS:  The majority of chemistry labs this summer will meet face-to-face with social distancing; in these case a meeting location is listed in the schedule of classes.There are a few sections of some lab courses that will be held entirely on-line though; these are designated as “online” in the schedule of classes. Students should check this information when registering, and plan accordingly.

NOTE: You can only access this form if logged in to your Hawaii.edu account in the same browser. If the form does not appear then: 1) Sign out of any other Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc accounts  2) open a new tab in this browser and login to your UH Gmail account 3) Reload this page.