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“Centennial Scholars Program”:

“Other UH Scholarships”:

“Arts & Sciences Advisory Council Awards”:

“Graduate Student Organization”:

h4. New Spring 2010

<txp:file_download_link id=”84″>Arts & Sciences Student Research Award

<txp:file_download_link id=”85″>Kosaki Award

<txp:file_download_link id=”86″>College of Arts & Sciences Academic Opportunities Award

h4. Fall 2009

<txp:file_download_link id=”77″>Colleges of Arts & Sciences Alumni Association

<txp:file_download_link id=”79″>Kenjiro & Yakue Natsuyama Scholarship

<txp:file_download_link id=”80″>K.S Cheng Memorial Scholarship

<txp:file_download_link id=”81″>John Young Scholarship in the Arts

<txp:file_download_link id=”82″>Frank and Sara McKnight Award in Molecular Sciences

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