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Second Language Studies (SLS)

ELI 070 Intermediate Academic Listening and Speaking (0)

Introduction to the academic English language listening/speaking demands required at the university. Instruction and practice of effective note-taking skills, listening strategies, delivery of presentations, and participation in academic discussions. Designed as a bridge to ELI 080. CR/ NC only.

ELI 072 Intermediate Academic Reading (0)

Introduction to the academic English-language reading demands required at the university. Instruction and practice of effective means to understand text patterns, increase reading fluency and comprehension, and develop vocabulary. Designed as a bridge to ELI 082. CR/NC only.

ELI 073 Intermediate Academic Writing (0)

Extensive practice in expository writing. Analysis and use of rhetorical devices. Individual conferences and tutoring as required. CR/NC only.

ELI 080 Advanced Academic Listening and Speaking (0)

Further development of the academic English-language listening/speaking skills and strategies required at the university. Instruction and practice of effective note-taking skills, critical listening strategies, delivery of effective academic presentations and leading of academic discussions. Pre: 070 or placement by examination.

ELI 082 Advanced Academic Reading (0)

Further development of skills and strategies for dealing with the high demands of academic reading by focusing on becoming efficient and autonomous readers. Instruction and practice of developing critical reading strategies and building field-specific vocabulary. Pre: 072 or placement by examination. CR/NC only.

ELI 083 Advanced Academic Writing for Graduate Students (0)

Introduction to academic writing conventions common at the graduate level. Students explore academic writing in their disciplines, develop clarity of written expression, and improve command over textual, rhetorical, and discursive conventions common in academic writing. Pre: 073 or placement by examination.

ELI 111 Practicum for International Teaching Assistants (3)

Extensive practice for international teaching assistants in speaking in classroom situations with emphasis on oral skills, American cultural expectations and classroom management. CR/NC only. Pre: 080.

ESL 100 Composition I for Second Language Writers (3)

Extensive practice in writing expository essays; linguistic devices that make an essay effective. (Fulfills composition requirement for nonnative speakers of English only.)

SLS 130 Introduction to Pidgin in Hawai‘i (3)

Introduction to contemporary Pidgin in Hawai‘i, in relation to the role of Hawaiian and Languages of the Asia-Pacific region; language rights; sociolinguistics of Pidgin and Hawaiian in institutional, educational, and interpersonal contexts. DS

SLS 150 Learning Languages and Communicating Interculturally in a Global Multilingual World (3)

Historical/global perspective on being/becoming multilingual/multicultural, encompassing cases of second language learning, teaching, use, growth, change, loss across the world, ancient times to present, supporting individuals’ motivations and abilities concerning second languages and cultures.

SLS 218 Introduction to Second Language Learning and Technology (3)

Introduction to the use of technology in second language learning; pros and cons of specific new applications and established technologies; project-based and oriented; developing multilingual/ multicultural understanding through technology. Includes an emphasis on instruction in writing.

SLS 250 Topics in Learning and Using Second Languages (3)

Reviews practices of second language learning, use, and maintenance. Introductory exploration and analysis of selected topics with a specific theme indicated by course title listed in the class schedule. Repeatable one time for different topics, up to six credits with consent.

SLS 280 Bilingualism: Cognition and Culture (3)

Introduction to bi-/multilingualism as a phenomenon at the level of society and as a characteristic of individual speakers; discussion of recent media reports and popular myths about bilingualism in relation to research-based evidence.

SLS 301 Basic Language Concepts for Second Language Learning, Teaching, and Use (3)

Introduction to language structure and function in the domains of sound, words, sentences, and discourse, with specific focus on description, analysis, and research into learner language. Pre: Sophomore standing or higher.

SLS 302 Second Language Learning (3)

Theoretical foundations for the learning and teaching of second/ foreign languages. Includes an emphasis on instruction in writing. Pre: upper division standing.

SLS 303 Second Language Teaching (3)

Survey of methodology; basic concepts and practices. Pre: 302 (or concurrent).

SLS 304 Sociolinguistics of Multilingualism (3)

Explores themes in sociolinguistics relevant to L2/ multilingual contexts, including language ideology, language variation, language and culture, and language and identity; how L2 users and multilingual people grapple with these issues. Includes emphasis on writing instruction. Sophomore standing or higher. A-F only.

SLS 311 Second Language Testing (3)

Measurement and evaluation of achievement and proficiency in second
language learning. Pre: 302 or 303 (or concurrent), or consent.

SLS 312 Techniques in Second Language Teaching: Reading and Writing (3)

Methods and materials. Issues in teaching; survey of available materials and practice in their adaptation. Includes an emphasis on instruction and feedback in oral communication. Pre: 302 (or concurrent).

SLS 313 Techniques in Second Language Teaching: Listening and Speaking (3)

Methods and materials. Issues in teaching; survey of available materials and practice in their adaptation. Includes an emphasis on instruction and feedback in oral communication. Pre: 302 (or concurrent).

SLS 408 Multilingual Education (3)

Survey and analysis of current thinking and practices in multilingual and multicultural education, including bilingual education; special emphasis on ESL/EFL. Includes an emphasis on instruction in writing. Pre: 302 or consent.

SLS 418 Instructional Media (3)

Theoretical foundation and practical applications of using electronic and audiovisual media in second language teaching. Pre: 303 (with minimum grade of C), or 600 (with minimum grade of B or concurrent); or consent.

SLS 430 Pidgin and Creole English in Hawai‘i (3)

Major historical descriptive, pedagogical aspects; pidgin and creole languages, linguistic change, language variation. Work with actual language data. Laboratory work required. Pre: 302 (or concurrent), or LING 102, or 600 (or concurrent); or consent.

SLS 455 Learning and Teaching World Languages (3)

Hybrid technology intensive course for pre- or in-service teachers of world languages. Topics: online learning, curriculum and lesson planning, assessment, language teaching approaches, technology for learning world languages. Junior standing or higher. (Cross-listed as LLEA 455)

SLS 460 English Phonology (3)

Introduction to English phonetics and phonology. Includes an emphasis on the oral presentation of key phonological concepts and provides experience in English pronunciation tutoring. Pre: 302 (or concurrent) or 600 (or concurrent). DS

SLS 475 Practicum for Future Language Professionals (3)

Students observe and assist mentor teachers (minimum of 40 hours) at cooperating schools in multilingual contexts, examining the intersection of theory and practice in language learning and teaching and applying knowledge from other SLS courses. A-F only. Pre: 302 and 303.

SLS 480 (Alpha) Topics in Second Language Studies (3)

Variable topics in special areas of second language studies: (E) second language learning; (N) second language analysis; (P) second language pedagogy; (R) second language research; (U) second language use. Repeatable three times in different topics. Pre: 302 (or concurrent) for (E), (N), (R), (U); 303 (or concurrent) for (P). Not applicable toward graduate degrees offered within SLS.

SLS 485 Professionalism in SLS (3)

Capstone for SLS majors. Reflection on experiences via the major, articulation of professional values, exploration of diverse approaches to professionalism in SLS, and formal compilation of a professional portfolio. SLS majors only. Senior standing or higher. A-F only. Pre: 302 and 303.

SLS 499 Directed Reading/Research (V)

For interdisciplinary studies majors. Pre: a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.7 or a minimum GPA of 3.0 in major, or consent of department chair. Repeatable unlimited times.

SLS 600 Introduction to Second Language Studies (3)

Introduction to basic professional and research issues in second language studies; integration of theory, research, and practice for prospective second or foreign language teachers and researchers. Pre: graduate standing or consent. (Fall only)

SLS 601 Language Concepts for Second Language Learning and Teaching (3)

Language analysis— phonology, syntax, semantics, discourse for teaching second languages.

SLS 610 Introduction to Teaching Second Languages (3)

Survey and analysis of second language teaching traditions and perspectives. Pre: graduate standing or consent.

SLS 611 Introduction to Second Language Assessment (3)

Assessment of second language knowledge and skills. Topics include design, use, and analysis of assessments. Graduate standing only or consent.

SLS 612 Alternative Approaches to Second Language Teaching (3)

Examination, comparison with conventional approaches; interpersonal relationships in language teaching. Pre: consent

SLS 613 Second Language Listening and Speaking (3)

Key issues; overview and critique of published materials; practice in developing syllabi and other materials. Pre: consent.

SLS 614 Second Language Writing (3)

Problems in teaching second language composition. Survey materials; use, modification, and development. Error analysis. Pre: consent.

SLS 618 Language and Learning Technologies (3)

A wide range of emerging technologies for language learning and research will be explored. Online/faceto-face discussions and hands-on experiential learning are integrated with learner’s goals, best practices, and theoretical foundations. Pre: consent. (Once a year)

SLS 620 Second Language Reading (3)

Survey of research in reading process; teaching methodology; psycholinguistic investigations; comparison of reading in first and second languages. Pre: consent.

SLS 630 Second Language Program Development (3)

Designing, implementing, and evaluating language programs; systems-based approach to program and curriculum development. Pre: consent.

SLS 640 English Grammar (3)

Descriptive English grammar in relation to second language learning and teaching.

SLS 642 Comparative Grammar and Second Languages (3)

Comparative study of two or more languages. Consideration of language transfer in second language learning, role of typological features. Pre: consent

SLS 644 Multilingual/EL Pedagogy (3)

Examines practices, theories, research, and perspectives on multilingual/EL teaching approaches. Topics include culturally and linguistically responsive approaches, collaboration, lesson planning, and adapting materials to promote the growth and development of multilingual/ EL learners. A-F only. (Fall only) (Cross-listed as EDCS 644)

SLS 650 Second Language Acquisition (3)

Survey of theories and research on second language learning by children and adults, learning naturalistically and in formal settings. Relationships are explored between SLA research and language teaching. Pre: 601 (or concurrent) or consent.

SLS 660 Sociolinguistics and Second Languages (3)

Theoretical and applied aspects of language, culture, and society, and research methods in sociolinguistics, as they relate to second and foreign language issues. Pre: 601 (or concurrent) or consent.

SLS 670 Second Language Quantitative Research (3)

Quantitative research methods; design of research studies; techniques in collecting data; statistical inference; and analysis and interpretation of data.

SLS 671 Research in Language Testing (3)

Advanced issues in language testing research including recent developments in the following areas: language testing hypotheses, item analysis, reliability, dependability, and validity. Pre: 611, 670, or consent.

SLS 672 Second Language Classroom Research (3)

Survey of research on second language classrooms and analysis of methodological issues.

SLS 673 Applied Psycholinguistics and Second Language Acquisition (3)

Theory and research in psycholinguistics as related to second language perception, production, acquisition, and instruction. Pre: 601 or LING 422, or consent.

SLS 674 Survey Research Methods in Second Language Studies (3)

Hands-on experience in language survey research including planning and creating survey instruments (both interviews and questionnaires), administering, compiling and analyzing survey data (quantitatively and qualitatively), and reporting the results. Pre: consent. (Once a year)

SLS 675 Second Language Qualitative Research (3)

Philosophical and theoretical approaches, methodology, and ethics in second language qualitative research.

SLS 678 Discourse Analysis in Second Language Research (3)

Survey of approaches to discourse; microanalytic qualitative research; theory and methodology. Pre: 660 or consent.

SLS 680 (Alpha) Topics in Second Language Studies (3)

Variable topics in special areas of second language studies: (E) second language learning; (N) second language analysis; (P) second language pedagogy; (R) second language research methodology; (U) second language use. Repeatable one time for different alphas. Pre: 650 for (E); consent for (N) and (P); 660 or consent for (U).

SLS 690 Second Language Teaching Practicum (3)

Student teaching in a language learning classroom. Pre: consent.

SLS 695 Master’s Plan B/C Studies (1)

Enrollment for degree completion. Repeatable unlimited times, but credit earned one time only. CR/NC only. Pre: master’s Plan B or C candidate and consent.

SLS 699 Directed Reading/Research (V)

Individual reading in various fields of second language studies. CR/ NC only. Repeatable unlimited times. Pre: consent of instructor.

SLS 700 Thesis Research (V)

Individual research in the various fields of second language studies. Repeatable unlimited times. CR/NC only. Pre: consent of instructor.

SLS 730 Seminar in Second Language Education (3)

Current issues and problems. Repeatable unlimited times. Pre: consent only.

SLS 750 Seminar in Second Language Acquisition (3)

Issues in theory and research in second language acquisition of child and adult. Repeatable unlimited times. Pre: consent.

SLS 760 Seminar in Second Language Use (3)

Second language/dialect use in multilingual communities. Repeatable unlimited times. Pre: consent.

SLS 775 Seminar in Second Language Research (3)

Research methodologies in second language and multilingual contexts. Repeatable unlimited times. Pre: consent.

SLS 799 Apprenticeship in Teaching (V)

An experienced-based introduction to college-level teaching; graduate students serve as student teachers to professors; responsibilities include supervised teaching, and participation in planning and evaluation. Repeatable unlimited times. CR/NC only. Pre: graduate standing and consent.

SLS 800 Dissertation Research (V)

One credit is necessary for dissertation writing. Repeatable unlimited times. Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory only.

SOCS 101 First Year Experience (1)

Brings together topics, discussion, and peer support to increase success at UH Mānoa and the College of Social Sciences. The emphasis is on knowledge, skills, and behaviors leading to graduation and sharing the first-year experience.