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Asian Studies (ASAN)

ASAN 101 Introduction to Asian Studies (3)

Introductory course focuses on change and continuity in the history, culture, values, and political institutions of South, East, and Southeast Asia, and the region’s interrelationships with the rest of the world. A-F only.

ASAN 120 Politics and Poetics of Climate Change in Asia (3)

Examines the causes and impacts of, and responses to, climate change in Asia through interdisciplinary approaches: natural sciences, politics, economics, as well as legal, cultural, and creative/artistic dimensions. A-F only.

ASAN 150 Introduction to Research and Writing in Asian Studies (3)

Introduction to research and writing in Asian Studies provides a structured overview of the research and writing process from an interdisciplinary perspective, focused on Asia. A-F only. (Fall only)

ASAN 201 Introduction to Asian Studies: East Asia (3)

Understanding East Asia through multidisciplinary approaches. Examines the interrelationship of policies, economy, literature, religion, the arts, and history as the basis for such an understanding.

ASAN 202 Introduction to Asian Studies: South/ Southeast Asia (3)

Understanding South and Southeast Asia through multidisciplinary approaches.
Examines the interrelationship of policies, economy, literature, religion, the arts, and history as the basis for such an understanding.

ASAN 259 East Asian Popular Cultures (3)

East Asian popular culture, with a focus on Korea and Japan, as well as the Chinese language sphere. Analyzes social forces shaping pop culture industries, artists, and productions in the region from a global perspective. A-F only. (Cross-listed as SOC 259)

ASAN 303 Bollywood Dance, Music, and Film (3)

Unique course combining mind and body, discussion and dancing. Learn and perform Bollywood dances and the richness of their Indian poetic, classical, and folk traditions. Understand “Bollywood” in the context of cross-cultural fusion and globalization. Repeatable one time. (Cross-listed as IP 303)

ASAN 305 Career Pathways in Asian Studies (3)

Explore the range of careers related to Asian Studies and develop skills and materials to build your academic success into a meaningful career. Students create a job search portfolio they can share with prospective employers.

ASAN 308 Chinese Political Economy (3)

Interdisciplinary review and analysis of the social and political issues in contemporary China, the interchange between state and society in national policies, the relationship between cultural tradition and technological modernization in the social transformation process. A-F only. Sophomore standing or higher. Pre: consent. (Cross-listed as POLS 308)

ASAN 310 Studying Asia Culturally (3)

Multidisciplinary. Classics of literature, philosophy, and religion shaping Asian beliefs and values. Pre: 201 and 202 are recommended, but not required.

ASAN 312 Contemporary Asia (3)

Multidisciplinary examination of problems and issues affecting peoples and institutions of
contemporary Asia: ethnic, language, religious, and cultural differences; population growth; public health; economic development; political and social change; environmental problems; etc. Pre: 201 and 202 are recommended, but not required.

ASAN 320 (Alpha) Asia Past and Present (3)

Multidisciplinary examination of major Asian countries; cultural, social, economic, and political lives of their peoples. (C) China; (I) South Asia; (J) Japan; (K) Korea; (O) Okinawa; (P) Philippines; (S) Southeast Asia; (Z) Other. Repeatable three times in different alphas.

ASAN 323 The Way of Tea in Japanese History and Culture (3)

History and culture of Japan as revealed in study and practice of the tea ceremony: Zen, aesthetics, calligraphy, architecture, ceramics, gardens, politics. Includes an emphasis on Oral Communication skills. (Cross-listed as HIST 323) 

ASAN 324 Chado-the Way of Tea Practicum (2)

Actual practice of the tea ceremony as history and culture of Japan. Repeatable one time.

ASAN 325 (Alpha) Japanese Film: Art and History (3)

Study and analysis of Japanese film; its history and relationship to cultural, social, philosophical, and aesthetic contexts. (B) 1900-1960; (C) 1960-present; (D) special topics. Pre: upper division standing or consent. (Cross-listed as EALL 325)

ASAN 326 Media, Advertising & Desire in East Asia (3)

Examines concepts of beauty and desire in East Asian cultures within historical and contemporary media contexts. Uses critical theory and in-depth case studies to explore how images, language, and branding work in contemporary Asian societies. A-F only. Pre: ENG 100. (Summer only)

ASAN 330 Chinese Film: Art and History (3)

Study and analysis of Chinese film; its history and relationship to cultural, social, philosophical, and aesthetic contexts. (Cross-listed as EALL 330)

ASAN 336 Introduction to the Performing Arts of Southeast Asia (3)

Introduction to the history and development of major performing arts genres in Southeast Asia: theatre, dance-drama, opera, music, puppetry, ritual, and modern spoken drama. Topics include cultural identity, multiculturalism, modernization, and tourism. Online course. (Cross-listed as THEA 336)

ASAN 356 Geography of Southeast Asia (3)

An investigation of the development context of Southeast Asia including socioeconomic, cultural, and environmental resources. Problems and prospects for change. Sophomore standing or higher. (Cross-listed as GEO 356)

ASAN 360 Buddhist Philosophy (3)

Survey of central thinkers and schools. (Cross-listed as PHIL 360)

ASAN 361 Southeast Asian Literature in Translation (3)

Survey in English traditional and modern literatures of Southeast Asia. A-F only. (Cross-listed as IP 361)

ASAN 364 20th-Century Chinese Women Writers (3)

A survey and critical examination of contemporary Chinese women writers from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Traces a genealogy of women’s writing from the early 1920s up until now through novels, poetry, drama, and film. Pre: one DH or DL course, or consent. (Crosslisted as EALL 364 and WGSS 346)

ASAN 393 (Alpha) Field Study in Asia (3)

Students may submit proposals to have academic course work, field research, or work experience in Asia. See specific center for guidelines and procedures. (C) China; (I) South Asia; (J) Japan; (K) Korea; (P) Philippines; (S) Southeast Asia; (Z) Other. Repeatable one time. A-F only for (C), (I), (J), (S), and (Z).

ASAN 406 Modern Philippines (3)

Survey of major developments from pre-colonial through Spanish and American colonial periods, the revolution, Japanese occupation, and post-war republic. (Cross-listed as HIST 406)

ASAN 407 Peace Processes in Philippines and Hawai‘i (3)

History of Philippine Islam and the Moro struggle, the peace process in Mindanao and sovereignty movement for Hawaiian nation. 75 min. Lec, 75-min. joint online discussion with Philippine students. Junior standing only. A-F only. Pre: consent. (Fall only) (Cross-listed as PACE 407)

ASAN 410 Gender and Politics in U.S.-Okinawa Relations (3)

Examines gender in Okinawa in relation to historical dynamics in the Asia-Pacific region with attention to issues such as militarism and violence, colonialism and memory, and tourism and commodification of indigenous culture. A-F only. Pre: WGSS 151 or consent. (Cross-listed as WGSS 410)

ASAN 411 Comparative Muslim Societies in Asia (3)

Will compare Muslim societies and cultures in Asia with each other and with the so-called “core” Middle Eastern Muslim societies. Junior standing or higher. A-F only. (Alt. years)

ASAN 413 Resource Management in Southeast Asia (3)

Challenges associated with the management of land, water resources, fisheries, forests and agriculture in modern Southeast Asia. Case studies are used to illustrate current problems and evaluate potential management
solutions. A-F only. Pre: junior standing or higher. (Cross-listed as GEO 413)

ASAN 420 Korean Cinema (3)

Develop an understanding of Korean culture and society through visual, narrative, and contextual analysis of Korean films. Topics include post-Korean War experience, compressed modernity, authoritarianism, and postauthoritarian transformation. Special attention to independent films. A-F only.

ASAN 422 Contested Issues Korea and Japan (3)

In-depth understanding of Korean-Japanese relations in the past and present by examining conflicting views and interpretations by Japanese, Korean, and Western scholars on important issues that divide the people of East Asia. A-F only.

ASAN 438 Sustainable Asian Development: Impact of Globalization (3)

Investigates the impact of globalization on sustainable development in Asia.
Globalization and sustainability often contradict, raising serious planning issues. Examines how these issues affect Asian development policies and urban planning. Pre: 310 or 312 or PLAN 310, or consent. (Cross-listed as PLAN 438)

ASAN 449 Asian Cities: Evolution of Urban Space (3)

Reviews the evolution of Asian urban space. Political history, migration, culture, and production are the determinants of urban changes. Uses visual material to illustrate the change in Asian cityscape. Pre: 310 or PLAN 310 or ASAN 312, or consent. (Cross-listed as PLAN 449)

ASAN 461 Southeast Asian Archaeology (3)

Prehistory and protohistory of Southeast Asia and of Southeast Asian contacts with East Asia, India, Australia, and Oceania. Pre: junior standing or consent. (Cross-listed as ANTH 461)

ASAN 462 Contested Issues in Contemporary Japan (3)

Familiarizes students with public discourse in Japan by analyzing key current issues widely debated in the Japanese media and in public forums in light of their political, historical, cultural, social and economic contexts. A-F only. Previous course work related to Japan or Asia will be helpful.

ASAN 463 Gender Issues in Asian Society (3)

Construction of gender identities in contemporary Asia. How these interface with other aspects of social difference and inequality (e.g., with class, religion, ethnicity). (Cross-listed as WGSS 463)

ASAN 464 K-pop and J-pop: Korean and Japanese Popular Music and Society (3)

Examines modern Japan and South Korea through popular music. Examines genres from early popular music, today’s K-pop and J-pop music. A-F only. (Summer only)

ASAN 465 Japan Cool: Anime, Manga, and Film (3)

Focus on Japanese anime, manga, and films with an emphasis on oral communication. What can one learn about Japanese issues of gender, national identity, and race? A-F only. (Summer only) 

ASAN 466 Transpacific Youth Pop Culture: From K-pop to Tiktok (3)

Examines ties between East Asian and Asian American digital media, including comics, movies, TV shows, music, and video games, to examine the dreams, fears, and aspirations of young Asians and Asian Americans. A-F only (Summer only)

ASAN 471 Introduction to Contemporary Asian Cinema (3)

Acquaint students with significant films from the major countries in Asia and how these films reflect and comment on profound social, political, and historical changes that have occurred in recent decades.

ASAN 473 Topics in Chinese Cultural Studies: Visual Culture–Chinese Diaspora (3)

Multidisciplinary and historically located study of Chinese culture through the examination of literary/visual texts and critical essays from cultural studies. Specific topics will depend upon term. Repeatable one time with consent. Pre: one DH or DL course or consent. (Cross-listed as EALL 473)

ASAN 474 Transnational Chinese Popular Culture (3)

Survey of contemporary Chinese popular entertainment forms that are produced and appreciated transnationally. Examples include martial arts genres, kung fu films, commercial novels, ballroom dancing, karaoke culture, music videos and rock music. Material will be selected based upon availability and readings will include critical essays from the fields of popular culture, media studies, and literary criticism. Pre: any 300- or 400-level DL or DH course. (Cross-listed as EALL 474)

ASAN 478 Music Cultures: India (3)

Approaches the cultural study of music and performance through a specific focus on South Asia. Junior standing or higher. Pre: consent. (Cross-listed as MUS 478H)

ASAN 480 Culture and Economy of Southeast Asia (3)

An exploration of the cultural and economic development of the countries of Southeast Asia from early times to the present day, with an emphasis on the effects of outside influences.

ASAN 481 Film, Culture, and Modernity in Southeast Asia (3)

Examines interplay between tradition and modernity; religion and secularism; individual and collective; youth, wisdom, and the world; and role of gender identification/community response as they find articulation in medium of film across Southeast Asia. Repeatable one time. Junior standing or higher. A-F only.

ASAN 482 Asia Through Fiction (3)

Explores core values and cultural principles of the four major Asian region as represented in major works of fiction from those regions. (Spring only)

ASAN 483 Imperialism, Colonialism, and Nationalism in Southeast Asia (3)

Theoretical and historical analysis of a global, nineteenth, and twentieth century phenomenon using an interdisciplinary approach organized around lectures, readings, and discussions. (Fall only)

ASAN 484 Political Violence in Modern Southeast Asia (3)

Why do Southeast Asian governments and political movements engage in mass killings? How do their perpetrators justify these atrocities? How do survivors deal with their trauma and get their voices heard? A-F only. (Fall only)

ASAN 485 Contemporary Chinese Development (3)

Development and planning in contemporary China: economic policy and institutional structure in the development and urbanization process; urban and rural transformation in a socialist economy. Pre: upper division standing or consent.

ASAN 491 (Alpha) Topics in Asian Studies (3)

Selected topics in Asian studies. (C) China; (G) Asia; (I) South Asia; (J) Japan; (K) Korea; (P) Philippines; (S) Southeast Asia; (Z) Other. Each alpha is repeatable two times.

ASAN 492 Women and Revolution (3)

Conditions under which women’s activism and participation in protest and revolutionary movements developed in the 19th- and 20th-centuries. Cross-cultural comparisons. (Cross-listed as HIST 492 and WGSS 492)

ASAN 494 Food, Culture, and Politics in Asia (3)

Examines Asia’s role in the development of global foodways. Topics include the relationship between spices and imperialism, global popularity of Asian cuisines, Asian-influenced “hapa” cuisine in Hawai‘i, McDonaldization in Asia, and food security and
sustainability. A-F only.

ASAN 496 Religions of Island Southeast Asia (3)

A comparative, interdisciplinary examination of indigenous beliefs, Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism in island Southeast Asia, and how they have been adjusted because of economic and social change.

ASAN 499 Directed Reading (V)

Repeatable three times. Pre: consent.

ASAN 600 (Alpha) Approaches to Asian Studies (3)

Major issues in and approaches to the interdisciplinary study of Asia and Asian regions; resources for the advanced study of Asia at UH; developing a research focus; preparing and presenting research proposals. (C) China; (I) South Asia; (J) Japan; (K) Korea; (P) Philippines; (S) Southeast Asia; (Z) Inter-Asia. Pre: graduate standing.

ASAN 601 Advanced Research and Writing in Asian Studies (3)

Provides a structured overview of research and writing process, focused on Asia. Topics include research questions, abstracts, literature reviews, arguments, conceptualization, incorporating evidence, research ethics, and style. Students are required to produce a research paper. Pre: 600 or consent.

ASAN 605 Practicum in Asian Studies (V)

Repeatable with consent up to nine credits.

ASAN 608 Politics and Development: China (3)

Consists of three parts: key theories for socialist transition as basis for seminar discussion, policy evolution to illustrate the radical changes, and emerging and prominent current development and practice. (Cross-listed as POLS 645C and PLAN 608)

ASAN 611 Comparative Muslim Societies in Asia (3)

Will compare Muslim societies and cultures in Asia with each other and with the so-called “core” Middle Eastern Muslim societies.

ASAN 612 Topics in 20th Century Chinese Literary and Cultural Studies (3)

Critical scholarship in Chinese literature and cultural studies, broadly defined to include the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and others. Reading knowledge of Chinese desirable but not required. Repeatable one time with consent. Pre: consent. (Cross-listed as EALL 611)

ASAN 620 Problems/Issues of Contemporary Asia (3)

Analysis from multidisciplinary perspective: rural development, urbanization, international relations, ethnicity, religion, language, etc. Repeatable one time with different topics.

ASAN 623 Gender in Asian Performing Arts (3)

Performance is a rich site for gender construction, critique, and articulation in Asia. This seminar examines gender reflected in traditional music, dance, and theatre, including character role and performer persona; approaches of performance and culture studies, and an “Asian way.” A-F only. (Once a year

ASAN 624 Culture and Colonialism (3)

Analysis of theories and debates (cultural studies, feminist writings, post-colonial issues). Case studies of the transformation and creation of “traditional” cultures under colonialism. Pre: 310 or 312, or consent.

ASAN 626 Capitalism in Contemporary Asia (3)

Historically grounded theoretical examination of capitalism in 20th-century Asia; multidisciplinary approach to fundamental change in political and economic structures and institutions, prospects for the future.

ASAN 627 Ethnic Nationalism in Asia (3)

Contemporary theories of ethnic and cultural nationalism from perspective of Asia. Issues of nationstate, power hierarchies, modernity, and identity in contemporary societies.

ASAN 629 Asian Security Cultures (3)

Comparative study of conceptualizations, practices and institutions of national security in Asia in light of their geographic and historic contexts. (Once a year)

ASAN 630 Southeast Asia Now (3)

Examines the ways global influences are shaping the cultural developments in the diverse societies of contemporary Southeast Asia. (Spring only)

ASAN 633 Seafood in Southeast Asia (3)

Seafood production in Southeast Asia, including both regional fisheries and aquaculture. Case studies used to illustrate challenges to the implementation of sustainable seafood production and emerging approaches, such as community supported seafood. (Cross-listed as GEO 633)

ASAN 636 Culture & Urban Form in Asia (3)

Cultural and historical impact on urban form, contention of tradition and modernity in urban space, spatial expression of state and society, perception and utilization of urban design, evolution of urban form in selected Asian capitals. Pre: 312, ARCH 341, PLAN 310, or PLAN 600. (Cross-listed as ARCH 687 and PLAN 636)

ASAN 640 Topics in Japanese Literature (3)

Intensive study of selected topics in Japanese literature, primarily of the modern period. English translations of original texts will be provided whenever available. Repeatable unlimited times with consent. Pre: consent. (Cross-listed as JPN 640)

ASAN 649 Asian Cities: Historical Evolution of Urban Form (3)

Examination of the impact of economy, society, and history on urban form; case studies of the evolution of Asian urban form. Pre: 312 or PLAN 310. (Once a year) (Cross-listed as PLAN 649)

ASAN 650 Marriage and Family in East Asia (3)

Examines gendered/generational practices, expectations, and ideologies of marriage, childrearing, and caregiving; state’s role in legitimizing certain kinds of families; how transnational marriage migration is changing notions of belonging, relatedness, and national identity in East Asia. Graduate standing or consent.

ASAN 651 East Asia Now (3)

Views East Asia as an interactive region. Examines common historical and cultural, economic and political themes including various experiences with the West. Focus upon present state of the region. A-F only.

ASAN 653 Major Authors in Modern Korean Literature (3)

Advanced study of major Korean fiction writers from the 1910s to the present with emphasis on critical reading of their lives and writings to arrive at informed appraisal of their contribution to modern Korean literature. Repeatable one time. Pre: KOR 494 or consent.

ASAN 654 South Asia Now (3)

Views South Asia as an interactive region. Examines common historical and cultural, economic, and political themes, including global interactions. Focus upon present state of the region. Graduate students only. A-F only. (Fall only)

ASAN 658 Telecom and the Internet in East Asia (3)

Offers interdisciplinary approach to study of internet and telecommunications in East Asia. Examines growth and development of telecommunications networks in China, Japan, South and North Korea. Focuses on contemporary social media and government policy. A-F only. (Alt. years: spring)

ASAN 664 Topics and Issues in Modern Korean Literature (3)

Intensive study of selected topics and issues in modern/contemporary Korean fiction, focusing on texts that problematize critical sociocultural issues in the evolving contexts of modern Korean intellectual history. Repeatable one time. Pre: KOR 494 or consent.

ASAN 665 Special Topics in East Asian Literary Culture & Society (3)

In-depth study of selected topics and issues in modern/contemporary East Asian literary and cultural studies using an interdisciplinary, inter-regional, and transnational approach, from an intercultural perspective. Repeatable two times in different topics, but need consent for second repeat. A-F only. Pre: consent. (Cross-listed as EALL 665)

ASAN 670 Southeast Asia and its Neighbors (3)

Examines how Southeast Asian nations have recalibrated their international relationships in accordance with past experience and new concerns, focusing on interactions with Japan, China, and India, while integrating both global and domestic imperatives.

ASAN 686 Law and Society in China (V)

Overview of the historical foundations of Chinese law and introduction to the present legal system in the People’s Republic of China. Repeatable one time. (Cross-listed as LWPA 586)

ASAN 687 Conflict and Cooperation in Asia (3)

Explores conflict and cooperation among Asian nations. Topics may include economic integration, business networks, space and cyberspace, military alliances, territorial disputes, transnational crime, environmental cooperation, soft power, and regional institutional architecture. Graduate students only. A-F only.

ASAN 688 Chinese Foreign Policy (3)

Examination of China’s rise and world view, review of China’s regional relations, China and U.S. relations, formation of a new world order. Pre: 600, 608, or POLS 645C, or consent.

ASAN 689 International Relations in Asia (3)

How well do international relations theories explain interstate relations in Asia? How do international issues interact with domestic politics? Covers Japan, China, Korea, ASEAN nations, India, and touches on Russia, Australia, and New Zealand. Graduate students only. A-F only.

ASAN 693 Field Study in Asia (V)

With prior consent and supervision of an Asian Studies faculty, students design, conduct, and write the results of a field research project. Repeatable one time, up to six credits. Graduate students only.

ASAN 694 Topics in Buddhist Studies (3)

Seminar on selected topics in Buddhist studies. Repeatable three times. Pre: PHIL 360, PHIL 406, REL 475, or REL 490; or consent.

ASAN 695 Asian Studies Master’s Plan B Culminating Experience (1)

Students work with their advisor to select, revise, and defend a portfolio of work produced in seminars before a three-person faculty committee. Repeatable unlimited times, but credit earned one time only. ASAN majors only. Graduate students only. Pre: any 600(Alpha) or 750(Alpha).

ASAN 699 Directed Research (V)

Individual problems and research. Repeatable unlimited times. Pre: consent.

ASAN 700 Thesis Research (V)

Repeatable nine times.

ASAN 705 Asian Research Materials and Methods (3)

Bibliography, reference tools, and research methods in sources on Asia in Western and Asian languages. Discussion of published and archival repositories. Repeatable one time. (Cross-listed as LIS 645)

ASAN 710 MAIA Capstone (3)

Capstone experience for MAIA students that emphasizes practical applications of Asia knowledge. Should be taken in final semester or after completion of all or most of MAIA core requirements. MAIA majors only. Graduate students only. A-F only.

ASAN 792 Orientalism and Visual Culture (3)

Investigates artistic representations, appropriations, and exchanges constructed on the basis of East/Orient vs. West/Occident differences. Includes analysis of: Orientalizing artistic traditions throughout history, history and concept of Orient, post-colonial critique
of Orientalism. A-F only. Pre: graduate standing or consent. (Alt. 2-3 years) (Cross-listed as ART 792)