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Tropical Medicine and Medical Microbiology

TRMD 441 International Health Disparities (2)

Overview of biosciences research related to health and health disparities in a global setting as well as in Hawai‘i. Workshop topics include health research, Native Hawaiian health, global health, and cultural competency. MHIRT cohort only. A-F only. (Summer only)

TRMD 500 Master’s Plan B/C Studies (1)

Enrollment for degree completion. Repeatable unlimited times. Pre: master’s Plan B or C candidate and consent.

TRMD 545 Topics in Tropical Medicine (V)

Elective for fourth-year medical students for advanced study of selected topics within the field of tropical medicine and medical microbiology. Pre: fourth-year standing or MD degree.

TRMD 590 Selected Topics in Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases (V)

Elective for medical students in Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases. Repeatable six times, up to 12 credits. Medical students only. CR/NC only. Pre: consent.

TRMD 595 (Alpha) Selected Topics in Infectious Diseases (V)

Elective for medical students; (B) infectious diseases; (C) parasitology; (D) epidemiology; (E) immunology. MD majors only. CR/NC only. Pre: MDED 554 or consent. (Fall only)

TRMD 599 (Alpha) Selected Research Topics in Infectious Diseases (V)

Research elective for medical students; (B) infectious diseases; (C) parasitology; (D) epidemiology; (E) immunology. MD majors only. CR/NC only. Pre: MDED 554 or consent. (Fall only)

TRMD 601 Tropical Medicine Journal Club (1)

Students gain experience in the presentation and discussion of topics of current interest in the fields of tropical medicine and infectious diseases. Repeatable unlimited times. Graduate students only.

TRMD 602 Laboratory Methods in Tropical Medicine (2)

Microbiologic methods and techniques for identification of pathogenic viruses, bacterial, and parasitic organisms including specimen handling, culturing, and laboratory safety. Repeatable one time. Graduate standing only. A-F only. (Fall only)

TRMD 603 Infectious Disease Microbiology I: Medical Parasitology (3)

Epidemiology, pathogenesis, immunobiology and diagnostic aspects of human parasitic infections; principles of host-pathogen interactions; public health aspects of parasitic infections. Repeatable one time. A-F only. Pre: MICR 351 or equivalent. (Fall only)

TRMD 604 Concepts in Immunology and Immunopathogenesis (2)

Immunological concepts relating to infectious diseases and host pathogen interactions. Repeatable one time. A-F only. Pre: MICR 461 (or equivalent) or consent. (Cross-listed as PH 665)

TRMD 605 Infectious Disease Micro II (3)

Will cover different families of animal viruses of importance to human diseases. The genome, structure, replication, as well as host immune responses, epidemiology, clinical features, and animal models will be presented. Repeatable one time. A-F only. Pre: 604 and MICR 351, or consent. (Cross-listed as PH 667)

TRMD 606 Tropical Medicine Laboratory Rotations (V)

Practical experience in use of equipment and procedures in infectious disease and immunology research; introduction to research in tropical medicine. Repeatable unlimited times. Pre: 604 (or concurrent), or consent.

TRMD 607 Neurovirology (2)

Seminar on neuroinvasive viruses giving basics of viruses causing nervous system diseases and discussing recent advances in the research field of neurovirology. Pre: MICR 351 or equivalent; or consent. (Fall only)

TRMD 608 Infectious Disease Microbiology III (3)

Basic structure, physiology, epidemiology, and genetics of pathogenic bacteria as well as the host response to these organisms. Correlation of these characteristics to disease pathogenesis in humans and animal models. A-F only. Pre: 604 or consent. (Spring only)

TRMD 609 Advances In Medical Immunology (3)

Presentations/discussions of current literature concerning recent advances in immunology relevant to disease and to disease processes. Pre: consent. (Alt. years: spring)

TRMD 610 Infection and Immunity (3)

Combined lecture/discussion of interactions of pathogens with the innate and acquired immune systems. Topics will include the role of novel receptors in pathogen detection, inflammation in disease pathogenesis, pathogen immune evasion, and neuroimmunology. Repeatable two times. A-F only. Pre: 604, MICR 461, or consent. (Alt. years: fall)

TRMD 650 Ecological Epidemiology (2)

Applications of population biology, pathogen/host life history, and population genetics to infectious disease epidemiology, including micro- and macroparasites, and implications to disease control and prevention of strategies. A-F only. Pre: consent. (Alt. years: spring) (Cross-listed as PH 650)

TRMD 651 Vaccinology (2)

History/evolution of vaccines, current and next generation vaccines, vaccine immunology, adjuvants, vaccine strategies, vaccines for viral, bacterial, and parasitic diseases, vaccine-proof-of-concept and downstream developmental studies; vaccine safety production processes. Repeatable one time. Graduate students only. A-F only. Pre: (604 and 605) with a minimum grade of B. (Spring only

TRMD 652 Advanced Genetics and Evolution of Infectious Diseases (2)

An evolutionary perspective to examine the interactive responses between infectious agents and the immune system. Topics will include natural selection, life history evolution, population genetics of pathogens and hosts, and anti-microbial resistance. A-F only. Pre: 604 (or concurrent) and 605 (or concurrent), or consent. (Alt. years: spring)

TRMD 653 Bioinformatics and Molecular Evolution (3)

Combined lecture/computer lab on bioinformatic tools used in genomics, including sequence assembly, search algorithms, alignment, phylogenetics, and molecular evolution/epidemiology. Focus will be on infectious disease examples. Repeatable one time, but credit earned one time only. Open to nonmajors. A-F only. Pre: 604 (or concurrent) and 605 (or concurrent) or consent.

TRMD 654 Advances in HIV/AIDS (2)

History of HIV, basic biology and virology, epidemiology, HIV pathogenesis and immunology, clinical features, and co-morbidities. Treatment and prevention of HIV/ AIDS, including research methods, statistics, cultural competence, genetics, pathophysiology, drug and vaccine development. Repeatable unlimited times. A-F only. Pre: 604 and 605, or consent. (Fall only)

TRMD 655 Biomedical Statistics (3)

Fundamental biomedical statistics concepts and tools will be introduced, as well as their applications to biomedical data. Students will perform hands-on analysis using statistical software and learn to interpret and present the results. A-F only. (Fall only) (Cross-listed as QHS 601)

TRMD 671 Advanced Medical Parasitology (2)

Consideration of ultrastructure, physiology, biochemistry, in-vitro cultivation and host-parasite relationship of parasites of medical importance. A-F only. Pre: consent. (Alt. years: fall)

TRMD 672 Advanced Medical Virology (2)

In-depth study of the major groups of viruses pathogenic for human; virus replication, host range, pathogenesis, immunology, and epidemiology. Pre: 605 or equivalent, or consent. (Alt. years: fall)

TRMD 673 Advanced Medical Bacteriology (2)

Role of bacteria in infectious diseases, with emphasis on clinical aspects and identification of etiological agents. Pre: 605 or equivalent, or consent.

TRMD 675 Epidemiology of Tropical Infectious Diseases (3)

Epidemiology of infectious diseases as it relates to tropical medicine. Lecture/seminar format. A-F only. Pre: TRMD graduate standing or consent. (Spring only)

TRMD 690 Seminar in Tropical Medicine and Public Health (1)

Weekly discussion and reports on current advances in tropical medicine and public health. Repeatable unlimited times. (Cross-listed as PH 755)

TRMD 695 Plan B Master’s Project (3)

Independent study for students working on a Plan B master’s project. A grade of Satisfactory (S) is assigned when the project is satisfactorily completed. A-F only. Pre: graduate standing in TRMD.

TRMD 699 Directed Research (V)

Directed research in medical microbiology (bacteriology, parasitology, virology). Repeatable unlimited times. Pre: consent.

TRMD 700 Thesis Research (V)

Research for master’s thesis. Approval of department faculty required. Repeatable unlimited times.

TRMD 705 Special Topics in Tropical Medicine (V)

Advanced instruction in frontiers of tropical medicine and public health. Repeatable unlimited times. A-F only. (Cross-listed as PH 756)

TRMD 800 Dissertation Research (V)

Research for doctoral thesis. Approval of department faculty is required. Repeatable unlimited times.