Undergraduate Courses (1–499)

1-99 Courses not applicable for credit toward a bachelor’s degree
100-199 Initial or introductory courses
200-299 Second-year courses in a sequence or development in a field of study.


Third- and fourth-year courses in a sequence of courses or first courses in professional curricula. May be accepted by Graduate Education to fulfill graduate degree requirements (petition may be required). Courses numbered 300 or above are upper-division and count toward the non-introductory credit requirement.

Post-Baccalaureate Courses (500–800)

500 Directed Study (master’s Plan B)
500-599 Courses applicable toward first professional degrees (law and medicine) and in-service training programs in education
600-699 Graduate courses
700 Thesis Research (master’s Plan A)
700-799 Advanced graduate courses
800 Dissertation Research

Special Numbers: Courses ending in –99 are directed research or directed study. Experimental courses ending in –97 or –98 and single offerings are not listed in the Catalog.