Welcome to the Learning Assistance Center (LAC)! #squad

Come say hi! We’re in Sinclair Library~

Catch us @ campus events!

Remember to look for our lovely receptionists,

with their props,

& eagerness to help!

We have a blast in training meetings,

We learn together,

And we’re always looking for ways to improve!

Also, have you met our mascot, Study Buddy? :D

Learning Objectives

As a result of utilizing LAC services, students will:

1. Use appropriate study skills to achieve academic goals.
2. Learn how to adjust learning approaches to fit their individual learning needs.
3. Learn how to study effectively with others.
4. Use effective learning practices.
5. Use self-reliant learning behaviors.
6. Have a functional understanding of course content.

Mission Statement

The Learning Assistance Center (LAC) of the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa actively partners with programs across campus to respond to the needs of the diverse student population. The LAC is committed to enhancing the quality of student services by providing a structured learning environment and professional development opportunities for both students and the student staff.

The LAC professionals, including the professionally trained student staff, address students’ needs and development in relation to achieving academic goals. Our holistic paradigm maintains sensitivity to individual student and faculty needs. We develop independent, effective learners in a collaborative learning environment.