Matching UHM’s Institutional Learning Outcomes, one of HELP’s Program Learning Outcomes is for students “to demonstrate personal development . . . (by) participation in activities with the larger community both on and off campus.” Service Learning is one way to fulfill this outcome and it is required of all HELP students.


What is Service Learning?

Service Learning is a method by which students learn and develop through active participation in thoughtfully organized service that is conducted in and meets the needs of a community.

How will service learning help me learn and develop?

Service-Learning helps you…

  • discover the connection between your classroom studies and the real world
  • gain experiences and possible career skills that will enhance your resume
  • develop writing, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills
  • learn how to communicate across cultures and generations

What is the difference between service learning and volunteering?

Doing a service, such as a beach cleanup or helping children in an after-school program, are unpaid, volunteer activities. These types of service become “service-learning” when they require the student to prepare a critical reflection on each service in the form of an essay, presentation, or the completion of a survey questionnaire.


What kind of service can I participate in?

There are a wide variety of service options. Some are one-day events, such as  serving a meal at a homeless shelter or helping at a cultural festival, and others are term-long commitments, such as visiting the elderly at a retirement home or doing after-school activities with elementary school children.

Please note: While we would like you to be able use both listening and speaking skills in English during the activities, you may not always be required to speak with others; for example, you may be asked to put away books in a school library by yourself. For all activities, you will have to listen to instructions in English. Then, it is your responsibility to try to speak with those you meet because people may think you cannot speak much English since you are an ESL student.


How many hours of service is required?

Every student is required to serve a minimum of six hours per term. HELP encourages students to serve more hours at one or more sites


What proof of the hours of service can I show to other educational institutions or an employer?

At the end of each term, you will receive a digital service-learning badge that corresponds to the number of hours you worked. Any school or employer can view your badge on the HELP website, or your own website, along with a description of it.

There are three levels of badge awards:

  1. Green = 6 hours
  2. Purple = 10 hours
  3. Blue = 15+ hours










How do I get started?

There are three (3) steps in completing the service-learning requirement:

1.  Choose  

During the first week of the term, select a service-learning activity that is good for you. If you have any questions about these options, please speak with the service learning coordinator. When you are ready, please sign up for at least 6 hours of service learning. You will need to sign up for your first service by the beginning of the second week of the term. If you need more hours during the term, please see the coordinator for more choices.

2.  Serve   

Service learning is an important part of your studies at HELP. You will do some volunteer work at a place not far from the university. You will be working with other HELP students, and you will need to work closely and communicate with your service learning organization. Please do your best because your organization will rely on you.

3.  Reflect  

During and after your service learning, you will be asked to write about your experiences or give a presentation. These writing projects and presentations are an important step in service learning. They will help you to understand the value of your service learning while learning to express yourself in English.

Spring 1 2015




[For all levels]

Duties:  Assist the staff with labeling pans/boxes and cookbooks, and shred paper.

(Application forms must be filled before volunteering.)


Hale Ola Kino  [Rehabilitation and Nursing Home Facility]

[For Intermediate level and higher]

Duties: You will assist the activities supervisor with exercise activities and share conversations with the residents.

(Training information handouts MUST be read before.)


Ho‘oulu ‘Aina

[For all levels]

Duties:  You have 3 ‘job’ choices.

1) Work in the garden – pull weeds/prepare garden for planting;

2) Help in the kitchen to prepare the lunch.

3) Help with planting and clearing the forest.

(Waiver forms must be filled before volunteering.)


Ka Papa Lo’i o Kanewai

[For all levels]

Duties: Help ‘malama’ the lo’i – do yard work/community clean-up.

You have 3 choices:

1) Help clear and prepare the lo’I (taro patch)

2) Assist the staff with cleaning the taro

3) Help clear out Manoa Stream

(The garden provides experiential learning opportunities to school and community groups in the traditional farming practices and culture of Native Hawaiians.)

(Waiver forms must be filled out before volunteering.)


Leahi Hospital  [Skilled Nursing Facility]

[For Intermediate level and higher]

Duties:  You will assist the hospital staff in transporting patients (in wheelchairs) to and from the activities area; Assist with activities, exercise, and games or craft-making.


Palolo Elementary School

[For Intermediate levels and higher]


 Library Assistant: You will assist the staff reshelf books in the school library, restock students’ supplies, and categorize the students’ work.

Cafeteria Monitors: (Kindergarten – Gr. 1) / (Gr. 3 – 5)

You will sit with the children during lunch & socialize with them.


Prince Kuhio ElementaryReading is FunProgram

[For Intermediate level and higher]

Duties: You will do work similar to a tutor – help elementary students read story books, while helping them with their pronunciation, reading comprehension and fluency.  (Waiver forms must be filled out and MUST read handout.)



Great Aloha Run Expo

[For All levels]

Duties: You will assemble and stuff race packets for the runners/walkers, as well as help distribute the race ‘bib’s to the runners/walkers (only for 300-level students).


Sharon’s Ride.Run.Walk

[For all levels]

Duties: You will help pass out water and cheer on the walkers/participants.



YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association)

[Only for 300-level and higher]

Duties: Help is needed for light office work.


Hawaii Bicycling League (HBL)

[For Intermediate levels and higher]

Duties: You will do light office work – stuff envelopes, make phone calls, make membership kits, mailing member cards, organizing inventory, events planning, etc.


Fall 2 2014


*Ho‘oulu ‘Aina

[For all levels]

Kokua Kalihi Valley Comprehensive Family Services (KKV) was formed by the Kalihi Valley community as a non-profit corporation in 1972, in response to the absence of accessible and appropriate health care services for the valley’s low-income, Asian and Pacific Island immigrant population.

We are pleased to offer opportunities for community gardening, reforestation, environmental education and the preservation of land-based cultural knowledge at Ho`oulu `Aina (the Kalihi Valley Nature Preserve).  In this “welcoming place of refuge for people of all cultures,” healing the land heals us as well.  Ho’oulu ‘Aina is flourishing under the enthusiasm and hard work of its staff and hundreds of community volunteers.

DUTIES:  Work in the garden – pull weeds/prepare garden for planting; Help in the kitchen to prepare meals; help with planting and clearing the forest.  (Waiver forms must be filled before volunteering.)


*Ka Papa Lo’i o Kanewai

[For all levels]

First Saturdays are open to anyone in the community looking for an opportunity to experience traditional farming methods, converse with Hawaiian Language speakers, talk story with practitioners, ku‘i ‘ai, ku‘i ka imu, and enjoy the day with family and friends.

  DUTIES:  (choose one group) (1) Assist in preparing the lo’I (taro patch) for planting; (2) Assist staff with food preparation (peeling taro); (3) Do work in Manoa Stream.


*Lanikai Beach & Park Foundation

[For Intemediate level and higher]

The Lanikai Association is a local organization which aims to enhance and protect the unique quality of life and character of our beachside community on the Windward side of Oahu.  We do this by managing and maintaining the Lanikai Park, one of the only community owned parks in the state, maintaining most of the beach right of ways, and exerting our influence.  The natural beauty and open space which Lanikai Association strives to preserve is also attractive to visitors who contribute to the economic base of Kailua, the city of which Lanikai is a part.  Part of why we have such nice water and beaches is because of our cooperation with the department of land and natural resources (DLNR).

The most important function of the Lanikai Association is the maintenance of the community park and its associated facilities which are frequently used by both young and old for soccer, softball, basketball, volleyball, and picnics.  The fenced children’s playground area included swings, slides and other equipment.  The Lanikai park facilities can be rented to families and groups for birthday parties, weddings and other celebrations.

  DUTIES: Help with conducting a beach survey of beachgoers & beach activities.  (Application forms must be filled before volunteering.)


*Aloha Harvest

[For intermediate level and higher]

Aloha Harvest is a non-profit organization that gathers quality, donated food and delivers it “free of charge” to social service agencies feeding the hungry in Hawai‘i.  This innovative concept first proved successful in New York City with the 1982 City Harvest project.  In 1999, the Hau‘oli Mau Loa Foundation asked founder, Helen ver Duin Palit, to study the feasibility of bringing the City Harvest concept to O‘ahu.  Based on discussions with potential food donors, recipients, and community leaders, her study concluded that the island definitely needed a reliable link between businesses that wanted to donate good, perishable food and social service agencies with clients to feed.  Thus, Aloha Harvest was established in November 1999 to fulfill this need.

DUTIES:  Help with shredding and labeling; label supplies (e.g. pans, cake boxes) and label cookbooks.  (Application forms must be filled before volunteering.)


*Arts at Marks Garage – ‘Day of the Dead’ Cocktail Party Fundraiser

[For intermediate level and higher]

The ARTS at Marks Garage is a thirteen-year old community arts center attracting over 45,000 people annually to 12 major exhibits and over 150 performances, lectures, screenings, workshops. It is an incubator for over a dozen performance and visual arts groups, and offers creative classes for neighborhood youth.

Marks sponsors the creative revitalization of the downtown-Chinatown area through neighborhood relations, street festivals, the Gallery Walk Map, First Friday Honolulu and other community celebrations.

DUTIES:  At the door – check people off a list/collect money (if patrons pay at the door); Provide patrons with a wristband (allow entry to the party); If needed, help with bar or serving.


*Family Programs – Gift Wrapping Event

[For intermediate level and higher]

Throughout the year, Family Programs Hawai‘i partners with many businesses and social service agencies to provide foster youth and their families with activities and events to enrich their lives. The biggest of these events is the annual Holiday Party.

DUTIES: Assist with gift wrapping (for the Annual Holiday Party).


*Honolulu Marathon

[For intermediate level and higher]

  The Honolulu Marathon [26.2-mile (42.2 km)] is the third largest marathon in the US, attracting around 30,000 participants each second Sunday December.  We are unique in that there is no limit on the number of participants and there is no cut off time, therefore attracting both fast runners as well as walkers.

  DUTIES: Help as translators for medical staff at aid stations (Japanese speakers preferred).

*River of Life Mission

[For Intermediate level and higher]

The Mission is a faith-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization feeding hundreds of hungry people daily who come from all walks of life.  We receive no state or federal funds.  Most of our income comes from contributions of individuals, churches and businesses.  Some funding comes from private foundations or grants.  We greatly appreciate the financial support and in-kind donations from our generous donors.

  DUTIES: Assist with putting food on plates; Serve the plates in the dining room; Assist with preparing food, cutting vegetables, making salads, cutting cakes/pies; Assist with clean-up of dining area.


*Student Parents At Manoa (S.P.A.M.) – Gift Wrapping Event

[For intermediate level and higher]

SPM (Student Parents At Mānoa) assists with on-campus and community referrals to help student parents (both Dads and Moms) succeed in their educational goals.

[Come join the UH Counseling & Student Development Center, Women's Campus Club, and Student Parents at Manoa wrap gifts as we host our Winter Wonderland Store for the UHMCC-Noelani students.]

DUTIES: Assist with wrapping gifts (at the Christmas shop)




*Palolo Elementary School

[For intermediate level and higher]

Palolo Elementary School is a K-5 public school located within Palolo Valley in the Kaimuki area of Honolulu.  Palolo is in an area with high numbers of students on free/reduced lunch.  We also have a high number of students from public housing and a large number who are immigrants to Hawaii.  These factors tend to make it more difficult for the students to learn the English language.  Because of this, we are considered a Title 1 School; a special needs school, and a school that qualifies for the federal Class Size Reduction Program.

  DUTIES:  LIBRARY AIDE: Help reshelf reading books, make copies, organize children’s supplies (scissors, pens, etc.), & categorize students’ work; CAFETERIA MONITOR: Monitor children during lunch time.


*Prince Johah Kuhio Elementary – ‘Reading is Fun’ Program

[For Intermediate level and higher]

(Message from principal)  We want our students to be truly educated.  We want them to be creative.  We want them to feel and know the joy of the arts.  We strongly believe that the arts are essential to a well-rounded, fully realized education which produces a well-rounded and fully realized human-being.

The arts and academics go hand-in-hand, as evidenced by the quality and volume of art works created by our students and the continuous academic growth reflected in our state test scores.  In Spring 2012, Kuhio students exceeded state benchmarks: Reading: 77% (72% state target) Math: 74% (64% state target). This is no easy task.  Every year, our kindergarteners come with very minimal academic readiness skills.  As they go through the curriculum that Kuhio offers them, they grow academically and artfully.

Art is seen everywhere on our campus–from creative and lush landscaping, to walls lined with art throughout the school. The arts have a palpable presence felt by students and teachers.

DUTIES: Help with the school’s afternoon “Reading is Fun” program (for grades K-3 students).  You will do work similar to a tutor – read story books to the elementary school students; help the students with their pronunciation, reading comprehension and fluency.  (Waiver forms must be filled out before volunteering.)




*American Diabetes Association – ‘Tour de Cure’

[For all levels]

We lead the fight against the deadly consequences of diabetes and fight for those affected by diabetes.  We fund research to prevent, cure and manage diabetes.  We deliver services to hundreds of communities.  We provide objective and credible information.  We give voice to those denied their rights because of diabetes.

DUTIES: Assist with decorating up start and finish line race course/Assist with passing out water & refreshments; Assist Course Guides – monitor the route/guide the riders; clean up after the race.


*American Lung Association – Lung Force Walk

[400-level only]

A LUNG FORCE Walk or Run/Walk is like no other charity event.  With an inspiring signature song and music, we will celebrate the collective power of our breath.  Our voices will soar as we rally our friends, neighbors and colleagues to stand together, and walk together, against lung cancer—and for lung health for all.  Every day, we rely on our lungs to breathe, speak, sing, and laugh.  At every LUNG FORCE Walk and Run/Walk, we’ll use our lungs to do all these things, and to power our bodies along a safe and scenic course.  We’ll also raise funds for research, advocacy, education and awareness.  The more money we raise and the harder we work, the more we can help improve the quality of life for people living with lung cancer and other lung diseases, discover more successful treatments—and save lives.

DUTIES: Various duties (e.g. set-up; cheerleading; pass out water to walkers; assist registration; clean-up)


*Hale Ola Kino [Rehabilitation and Nursing Home Facility]

[For Intermediate level and higher]

Hale Ola Kino features progressive rehabilitative and long-term care programs, as well as respite services.  Our highly trained, multi-disciplinary staff takes pride in meeting your specific needs.  We believe in providing the type of environment and the necessary assistance that will result in the greatest level of independence and happiness.

DUTIES: Help with activities and share conversations, interests and hobbies with the residents.  (Training information handouts must be read before volunteering.)



*Leahi Hospital [Skilled Nursing Facility]

[For Intermediate level and higher]

  Leahi Hospital has been providing quality care since 1901.  The goal of Leahi Hospital is to provide quality individual care and services.  Leahi Hospital is one of two facilities under Oahu Region within Hawaii Health Systems Corporation.  Hawaii Health Systems Corporation is made up of thirteen medical facilities within the State of Hawaii and together, these facilities provide a safety net of medical care for the people of Hawaii.

Leahi Hospital is Medicare and Medicaid certified and has 164 beds: 155 nursing home beds, dually certified as Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) and Intermediate Care Facility (ICF), 9 Acute/Tuberculosis beds.  Individuals requiring long term care or short term restorative care are admitted to our nursing facility beds.  Treatment and general care are provided by your physician and an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals.  Individuals with or suspected of having Tuberculosis are admitted to our Tuberculosis unit.

  DUTIES: Volunteers are needed to transport patients in wheelchairs to and from activities, help out with activities, and other related duties.  Sample volunteer jobs available: activity helpers, playing ukulele or piano, help residents do crafts, play Hanafuda or Mah Jong.