The process to submit a financial appeal is outlined below. To avoid unnecessary delays in the processing of your appeal, it is essential that all steps are followed.

  1. Be sure to read the following, and review the current contract prior to your submission
  2. Complete the Housing Financial Appeal Form identifying the reason(s) that you wish to submit an appeal. Be sure to include any supporting documentation with your appeal. Lack of supporting documentation may lead to denial of your appeal.
  3. The appeals committee will review your appeal and supporting documents. You can anticipate a response within three weeks, though this period may extend depending on the time of year. If your appeal is denied, your appeal may not be reconsidered under the same reason for appeal of your initial submission.

If you are submitting an appeal for contract termination based on needs that can be reasonably accommodated within our system, your request will generally be denied. For instance, needs such as moving you to a different community, changing your room assignment, or accommodating a roommate change may fall within the scope of possible accommodations.

If you still have questions about the appeal process please direct all inquiries to