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Further Investigations: Wind Systems

  1. Examine weather maps from your area over at least a two-week period.
    1. Using what you know about changes in air mass density, atmospheric pressure, and prevailing winds, describe the pattern of weather changes during this period.
    2. Track the path of air masses. Design a graph to show how air currents flow in your area.
  2. Examine the locations of deserts around the world in Fig. 3.12. Based on your knowledge of winds and atmospheric circulation, how can you explain the distribution of the world’s deserts?

<p><strong>Fig. 3.12.</strong> This map shows the distribution of the earth’s deserts. Darker shading indicates drier conditions.</p><br />

  1. Research the jet stream.
    1. Where does the jet stream flow?
    2. What direction does the jet stream flow?
    3. When is the jet stream most pronounced?

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