Upper Division
Rylie Ann Hashizume
Rylie Ann Hashizume (Oahu)
“I learned a lot about where food comes from and the benefits from eating local and healthy foods.”
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Lower Division
Jayden Hashizume
Jayden Hashizume (Oahu)
“I learned that chicken is raised locally and how to make a simple Japanese meal. I also learned how to use video editing software.”
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Runners Up
Tyson Bolton Tyson Bolton (Oahu)“I already loved to cook, but it was a great experience cooking with local ingredients. I’ll be practicing for next year’s contest.” Noah De la Pena Noah De la Pena (Kauai)“Thank you for the opportunity to cook local foods. It was delicious!”
Tam Spencer Tam Spencer (Oahu)“I learned that setting a goal in 4-H to learn how to cook and trying new things can be so much fun. This was my first year in 4-H and my first time learning how to produce a video. The best thing about this cooking video entry was going to the Dole Plantation, riding the train, getting fresh pineapple and coconut, and learning to make my Grandma Helen’s traditional Ambrosia salad for my family. It’s so yummy!” Zachariah Casey Zachariah Casey (Oahu)“I learned to portion out my ingredients ahead of time to cut the video time down. I made a mango smoothie and learned all the cool facts about mangos. They blow my mind!”
Kaelyn Cambra Kaelyn Cambra (Maui)“I learned how to cook and prepare Hamburger Curry and the safety precautions when making it. I really enjoyed the experience and had a lot of fun making the food that I love most. I want to thank everyone for helping me.” Violet Kato Violet Kato (Maui)“I learned more about filming and editing.”
Cara Egami Cara Egami (Oahu)“I learned a lot of new things during the making of my video. I learned about healthy substitutes, and how to edit a video. I’m glad I took on this challenge.” Kaylie Haro Kaylie Haro (Oahu)“I learned how to cook something new, and how to shoot a video while making it!”