Screenshot from kabocha recipe video showing finished dish

Thanksgiving Baked Kabocha with Marshmallows

Kabocha has hard skin which can make it dangerous to cut. To be safe, cook Kabocha slightly BEFORE cutting.
Extension Agent Glenn Teves sorting seeds

Local Seeds for Local Needs

Extension Agent Glenn Teves (Molokai) delivered a presentation at the Hawaii Farmer’s Union United meeting on Thursday, November 10, 2022,
Video screenshot of finished starfruit parfait

Starfruit Parfait

Make this refreshing and easy yogurt partfatr featuring starfruit.
Lawai Prawn Pasta

2022 Contest Winners

2022 Contest Winners This year, in addition to the division winners, a new category for best healthy local seafood dish
Sweet Potato Mochi Cooking Contest 2022

Contest Recipes 2022

Recipes from the 2022 contest include Sweet Potato Mochi, Lawai Prawn Pasta, Zucchini Meatballs, and Farm to Table Homemade Yogurt.
Avocado Salsa

2022 Video Cooking Contest

The Hawaii 4-H program is looking for youth in grades 5-12 to participate in a Virtual Cooking Challenge in the
Pest Management Rotation Product Schedule

Pest Management Update

Follow the DBM Pesticide Resistance Management Program spray schedule to avoid a buildup in insecticide resistance.
Varieities of Tomato on Table

2021 Tomato Field Day

The Tomato & Pollinator Habitat field day was presented on November 18, 2021.