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Community and Cultural Psychology (X8X)

PSY 280 Introduction to Community Psychology (3)

Examination of human functioning in social and ecological context. Topics include stress, health, intergroup relations, culture, ethnicity, social competence, and community empowerment. Pre: 100.

PSY 385 Consumer Behavior (3)

Analysis of consumer behavior and motivation; principles of learning, personality, perception, and group influence, with emphasis upon mass communication effects. Pre: BUS 312 or consent. (Cross-listed as MKT 311)

PSY 489 Applied Psychology: Advanced Topics (3)

Coverage in-depth of some areas of theory and research. Repeatable to six credit hours. Pre: 100. (Cross-listed as EDEP 489)

PSY 680 Cultural Community Psychology (3)

Graduate seminar on cultural considerations and issues in the history, methods, theories, interventions, and professional roles in community psychology. Small class size (up to 10). Open to graduate students.

PSY 682 Practicum: Behavioral Change and Community (3)

Supervised experience in educational, mental health, correctional, consulting, or community action agencies. Pre: consent.

PSY 781 Community Psychology Seminar (3)

Repeatable unlimited times.

PSY 789 Community Psychology Research (3)

Supervised reading, discussion, research projects in areas of special interest. Repeatable unlimited times.