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Latin American and Iberian Studies (LAIS)

LAIS 120 Islands/Islas/Ilhas and Global Exchange (3)

Cross-cultural study of global issues of navigation, commerce, and the environment, as expressed by the arts, traditions, and narratives from 1492 to the present. Connections with Europe, Africa, Americas, Asia, Oceania. Oceania.

LAIS 320 Vaqueros, Gauchos, Paniolo: Cowboy Legacies of the Americas and Hawai‘i (3)

Histories and traditions (literature, music, dance, poetry, food, fashion) of the Hispanic cowboy, Americas to Hawai‘i.
Examines symbolic interpretations of the vaquero concerning nation and identity, and the material consequences of ranching (colonialism, commerce, environment). Sophomore standing or higher, or consent.

LAIS 340 Chocolate Tales & Culinary Cultures: Latin America to Hawai‘i (3)

Traces evolution of uses, meanings, and cultural representations of chocolate and other food native to Latin America. Emphasis on how narratives of food and food practices engage with national, ethnic, social, and gender identity constructions. Sophomore standing or higher, or

LAIS 360 (Alpha) Studies in Culture (3)

Politics of culture and representation. Will consider issues, traditions, movements, texts, and cultural icons for their significance for national and regional identity formation, intercultural relations and global flows of images, people, and capital. (B) Latin America; (C) Iberian Peninsula. Pre: sophomore or consent.

LAIS 363 U.S. Latino Culture and Literature (3)

The culture and history of U.S. Latinos through an analysis of their literature and arts and their sociopolitical relationship to the U.S. mainstream culture. Pre: sophomore standing or consent.

LAIS 365 Spanish Film (3)

A chronological survey of films from Spain, from the Silent Era to the present. Conceptually, a cultural history of Spain in the 20th century, as seen through films. Pre: sophomore standing or consent.

LAIS 366 Latin American Film (3)

A survey of films from Latin America, the Silent Era to the present, and their representation of the cultural history of the region. Develops written communication skills. Pre: sophomore standing or consent.

LAIS 368 Households in Cross-Cultural Perspectives: Home, Hale, Casa (3)

Study of cross-cultural patterns in household and community level organizations in Latin America and elsewhere. Topics may include gender relations, kinship structures, political economy, impacts of colonialism, modernization, and globalization on households. Sophomore standing or higher. (Cross-listed as ANTH 368)

LAIS 372 (Alpha) Indigenous Peoples of Latin America (3)

Survey of the history and culture of the indigenous peoples of Latin America through a study of their literature, texts and practices. (B) Mesoamerica; (C) Andean South America. Repeatable one time for different alphas. Pre: sophomore standing or consent. (Cross-listed as ANTH 372 (Alpha))

LAIS 380 Studies in Culture: Portugal and Brazil (3)

Surveys the cultures of the Portuguese-speaking world from pre-Lusitanian times, including connections with Africa, Asia, the U.S., and Hawai‘i. Pre: sophomore standing or consent.

LAIS 381 Asians and Pacific Islanders in Latin America (3)

Survey of the history and culture of Asian, Polynesian, and Pacific Islander communities in Latin America. Sophomore standing or higher.

LAIS 468 Colonial Latin American History (3)

Pre-Columbian civilizations: Spanish and Portuguese colonization; political, economic, social and religious evolution to 1810; independence. Pre: 360 or consent. (Cross-listed as HIST 478)

LAIS 478 New World Rituals and Ideologies (3)

Study of cross-cultural patterns in ritual behaviors and creolization of African, indigenous, and Iberian ideological frameworks in the Americas. Topics may include syncretic religions (voodoo, candomble), Andean Christianity, spiritual conquest, conceptions of death, etc. Sophomore standing or higher. Minimum C- required grade for prerequisites. Pre: 360, or consent. (Fall only) (Cross-listed as ANTH 478 and REL 478)

LAIS 495 (Alpha) Topics in Latin American and Iberian Studies (3)

Combined lecture-discussion on political, social, cultural themes of Iberia and Latin America; (B) Aztlán, Quetzalcóatl, Pachamama; (C) Luso-Hispanic pop culture. Repeatable one time for different alphas. Pre: 360 or LAIS 363 or LAIS 368 or
LAIS 372 or LAIS 380, and SPAN 351, and SPAN 352; or consent. (Once a year)

LAIS 683 Hispanic Cultural Studies (3)

Critical overview of contemporary theories on Hispanic culture. Issues of identity such as mestizaje, hybridity, and pluralism will be discussed from a hemispheric perspective. Pre: consent.