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Mānoa Policies, Procedures and Guidelines (PPG)

Welcome to the Mānoa PPG website. In an effort to standardize, reorganize and develop formal campus policies, this site aims to codify the process of formulating UH Mānoa policies, procedures and guidelines that complement, but do not duplicate, those policies already outlined in the UH Systemwide Policies and Procedures Information System (PPIS). We hope this site provides valuable guidance and assistance in your daily operations here on campus. Please e-mail any updates or corrections to


Establishing Campus Policies and Procedures

Complete Guide (PDF) - Download and review carefully. Strongly recommended for first-time users.

PPG Drafts Under Review

The following drafts are open for review and comments. Your input is important for the betterment and growth of our University and thus, please forward your feedback to the Responsible Office (RO) of the draft by the respective deadlines below. If there are any questions, contact Sheila Izuka at 956-9190.

  • None at this time.