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M7.000 Student Affairs

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Mānoa Student Affairs Policies and Procedures


Related Policies, Procedures and Guidelines:

Office of Student Affairs

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Board of Regents Policies (PDF)

  • Student Organizations
  • Chartered Student Organizations (CSO)
  • Registered Independent Organizations (RIO)
  • Regents' Policy on System-wide Student Involvement
  • Student Housing
  • Student Finances
  • International Student Health Insurance
  • Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Alumni Organizations
  • Electronic Channels for Communicating with Students

UH Systemwide Executive Policies

  • Authority to Approve the Organizational Charters, Constitutions and Bylaws or Other Campus Mechanisms Necessary to Recognize and Support Student Organizations and, in particular, Student Governance Organizations
  • Authority to Negotiate and Establish Housing Rates for Conferences in University Facilities
  • Administrative Policy and Procedures Governing Participation in the National Student Exchange Program
  • Administrative Policy and Procedures Governing the Provision of Student Health Services
  • Administrative Policy and Procedures Governing Systemwide Student Disciplinary Sanctions
  • Procedures for Concurrent Registration
  • Executive Policy on System-wide Student Association
  • University of Hawaii System-wide Student Conduct Code
  • International Student Health Insurance

UH Systemwide Administrative Procedures

  • Procedure for Release of Student Biographical Data to Employers
  • Procedures Relating to Protection of the Educational Rights and Privacy of Students