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M9.000 Personnel

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M9.100 General

M9.101 Guidelines for Executive Evaluations (PDF)

M9.102 Executive Search Process (PDF)

Related Policies, Procedures and Guidelines:

Mānoa Human Resources

Automated Vacancy Report Instructions (PDF)

Board of Regents Policies (PDF)

  • Personnel Status
  • Classification Plans and Compensation Schedules
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Employment of Relatives
  • Political Activity
  • Faculty and Staff Renewal and Vitality Plans
  • Outside Employment
  • Relocation Allowances
  • Faculty Housing
  • Faculty Sick Leave Policy
  • Health Fund, Retirement, and Other Benefits
  • Executive and Managerial Personnel Policies
  • Evaluation of Board of Regents' Appointees
  • Teaching Assignments for Instructional Faculty
  • Excluded APT Employees' Personnel Policies
  • Travel Per Diem
  • Waiver of Oath of Loyalty for Select Employees
  • Delegation of Personnel Actions

UH Systemwide Executive Policies

  • Approval of Appointments of Graduate Assistants at UH Mānoa
  • Recommendation of Personnel Appointments and Changes in Appointments, Sabbatical Leaves, Leaves without Pay, and Administrative Stipends to Board of Regents
  • Approval of Requests for Sabbaticals, Leaves Without Pay for Professional Improvement and Extensions of Probationary Period of Academic Personnel and Recommendations for Administrative Stipends for Academic Personnel
  • Authority to Act as the President's Designee in the Appointment of Lecturers and Cooperative Teachers and Counselors
  • Approval of Individual Faculty Exchanges of University Faculty and Faculty of Other Universities and Colleges
  • Final Determination on Negative Tenure and Promotion Actions and Authority to Recommend Positive Actions to the Board on Tenure and Promotion
  • Authority to Amend the Minimum Qualifications for Academic Personnel as Listed in Appendix A of the 1977 Community College Classification System
  • Acceptance of Resignations
  • Authority to Appoint Faculty or APT Personnel in Advance of BOR Approval in Urgency Cases
  • Authority to Approve the Appointment of Casual Personnel
  • Delegation of Authority for Personnel Actions
  • Faculty and Staff Renewal and Vitality Directive
  • Management Development and Evaluation
  • Evaluation of Board of Regents Appointees
  • Qualification Requirements for Academic Positions in the Executive/Managerial Classification and Compensation Plan
  • Personnel Exit Questionnaires
  • Guidelines for Employment of Coaches in the Major Intercollegiate Sports
  • University of Hawaiʻi Intra-System Faculty Exchange
  • Awarding of Emeritus Title
  • Workplace Non-Violence
  • Military Leave
  • Stakeholder Representation on University Committees
  • Tenure Upon Initial Appointment
  • Coaches in the Major Intercollegiate Sports Exempted from the APT Classification Plan
  • Salary Schedule for Executive and Managerial Personnel
  • Service, Retirement and Incentive Awards

UH Systemwide Administrative Procedures