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M8 Business and Finance

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M8.100 General

M8.101 Meals and Tips (PDF)

M8.103 Designated UH Official Delegation Guidelines (PDF)

Related Policies, Procedures and Guidelines:

Interim Administrative Procurement Procedures: July 1, 2010 (PDF)

Automated Vacancy Report Instructions (PDF)

Hawaiʻi Revised Statutes: Chapter 103D Hawaiʻi Public Procurement Code

Board of Regents Policies

  • RP 8.201: Contracts and Official Documents
  • RP 8.202: Designation of Depositories, Checks and Vouchers
  • RP 8.203: Operating Reserves; Non-General Funds
  • RP 8.204: University Budget (Operating and Capital Improvements)
  • RP 8.205: University Projects
  • RP 8.206: Purchases and Equipment Capitalization
  • RP 8.207: Investments
  • RP 8.208: Travel
  • RP 8.209: Gifts
  • RP 8.210: Fund Raising
  • RP 8.211: Resolution on Use of New Income, Principal, and Investment of ASUH Mānoa Stadium Stock Fund
  • RP 8.212: Guidelines on Use of Income from the University of Hawaiʻi Mānoa Stadium Stock Fund, Proceeds from the Sale of the Kaimuki Observatory Lot and from the Rental of University Property

UH Systemwide Executive Policies

  • EP 8.105: Delegation of Authority to Execute Contracts for Goods, Services, and Construction; Granting Concessions and Cooperative Agreements
  • EP 8.107: Delegation of Authority to Execute Contracts for Goods, Services, and Construction less than $25,000
  • EP 8.108: Delegation of Authority to Develop Purchasing Card Program Policies and Procedures
  • EP 8.110: Delegation of Authority to Execute Contracts for Ticket Sales for Non-University of Hawaiʻi Athletic Events Using the University Ticketing System
  • EP 8.111: Delegation of Authority to Execute Contracts for Procuring Goods and Services and Entering into Athletic Contest and Revenue-Generating Agreements
  • EP 8.201: Cash Management and Short-Term Investment of Operating Funds
  • EP 8.204: University Audits
  • EP 8.205: Indicia and Licensing Policy
  • EP 8.207: Risk Management
  • EP 8.208: Travel
  • EP 8.209: Fund Raising
  • EP 8.210: Systemwide Financial Reserves

UH Systemwide Administrative Procedures

Mānoa Policies - Archives (Abolished and Superseded Policies)

M8.102 Management of Non-Capital Theft Sensitive Assets (PDF) - Repealed July 2011