Talk Story – October 18, 2023

Research Personnel at UH – Draft AP 12.203 (Jeff Long, OHR)

  • Draft Powerpoint presentation sent via Talk Story listserv when available.

Revolving Account Transition Update (Chad Walton)

  • Policies and procedures regarding SRRC’s are still pending
  • Units with SRRCs are advised to review the programs in case they are not eligible
  • Assumption should be made that they will not be eligible and proactive planning should start prior to the December 31, 2023 cut off date.
  • Rate schedules for SRRCs should be developed
  • More information about SRRCs can be found on the ORS website
  • For other inquiries contact Chad or Joey

Position Management Update (Sandy French)

  • Current shortage of permanent position counts will be addressed by converting permanent GA positions to temporary positions
    • Permanent count will then be re-purposed for faculty/staff positions
    • MBO will provide TFSF for salary and fringe for the temporary GA position
  • MBO working with CALL, CNS, and CSS initially to develop process for conversions

Budget Updates (Manoa Budget Office)

  • Position Claims
    • Currently reviewing responses and following up with units, if applicable
    • Reminder: Claims should be for positions filled after the rebaseline, Provost hires that have been filled and have not received funding, and off-cycle filled hires that indicated additional funding
  • Revenue and Expenditure Budgets Reminder
    • Input your revenue budget into KFS with the applicable revenue object code for revenue generating units
    • Input your expenditure budgets into KFS for all applicable funding sources
  • Provost Hires
    • Position counts will be distributed soon
    • Ensure that applicable updates are reflected for these positions in PeopleSoft for accurate up-to-date reporting
  • Vacancies
    • Update Vacancy comments and clean up permanent, budgeted temporary, and unbudgeted temporary positions, as appropriate, for accurate up-to-date reporting
  • Carryover Funds
    • For units that submitted a plan as part of the BOR budget submission, you may proceed with your plans
    • Any additional requests must be submitted to Sandy for review and approval
  • eRevenue (Quarter 2)
    • Anticipated for November for revenue generating units to update revenue projections
  • B&F and Legislative Requests
    • As we approach the Legislative Session, be aware that requests for information are received with have a short turnaround for response
  • Questions – please contact MBO for any questions on the topics discussed

Brown Bag Workshops (Thad Nakajima)

  • Our MBF team will organizing in-person Brown Bag sessions for Manoa FAs. We hope to invite guest speakers where we can
    • Sessions of approximately 20 people. We feel smaller sessions will facilitate more conversations
    • Not just for training – good networking opportunity in smaller peer groups
    • If there’s a lot of interest in a certain topic, we can have multiple sessions
    • We will try to schedule one session each quarter
    • We are still coming up with a list of topics and are open to suggestions. Feel free to contact me, Lori, or Kari in our Business Office with any suggestions
    • Some topics we are thinking of include
      • Procurement Exceptions – Sole Source, Exemption from 103D, Emergency Procurements
      • Certificates of Insurance
      • Alcohol Use Forms

Announcements (Thad Nakajima)

  • Please use the current forms for Procurement Exemption requests
  • When submitting a Form 136 where the source of funds is from registration fees or from an external source, please indicate this on the form as this will help with our review
    • We’ve been seeing more 136 meal requests for conferences and workshops
    • Sometimes registration fees are collected specifically to help pay for meals or protocol items
    • We’ve also had situations where there were signed agreements with external organizations that were providing funds for meals
  • Please allow more lead time for Facilities Use Agreements and Alcohol Use forms.
    • We have been receiving many rush requests recently without enough time to review and correct any issues. We received several recently that were within 2 days or less of the event, which required consulting with OGC or multiple revisions to the Certificate of Insurance

PDF Version of Talk Story notes available here.

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