If you become pregnant while you are enrolled, the University Women’s Health Clinic, local Planned Parenthood Clinic & Womenʻs Options Center offer pregnancy testing and non-judgmental supportive counseling to assist with decision-making. See also The Hawaii Abortion Collectiveʻs Guide (download pdf)

If you continue your pregnancy, decisions about finishing the semester and returning to school after childbirth require planning. Each woman’s circumstances are unique. For information on Lactation Rooms, see other resources at the bottom of the page.

Title IX Protects Pregnant Students (download the flyer)

Download the PDF, "Pregnant & Parenting College Studentsʻ Rights: FAQ for College Students" for more info.


The "Enrolled & Expecting" guide offers general advice and guidance, including useful resources and strategies for navigating college during pregnancy and returning as a student parent at UH Mānoa. This guide is organized in the following sections:

Follow the links below for more information about:



  • Seek appropriate prenatal care, including WIC.
  • Get appropriate health insurance. Pregnant women within income limits are eligible for QUEST-Adult. Click here to download application.
  • Make any necessary school arrangements (extensions, withdrawals, leave of absence, etc.)
  • Seek support from counseling services if necessary.
  • Consider applying for public assistance (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) is available in 9th month).
  • Seek support from Healthy Babies Healthy Mothers Coalition of Hawaii.
  • Consider childcare options (including childcare subsidies) and sign-up or apply early! (Before baby is due)
  • Decide when you would like to return to school and at what capacity.
  • Consider the options UH offers (e.g. on-line/night classes through Outreach College) in addition to day-time classes.


Sharing your pregnancy status with faculty is a personal decision. However, communication with faculty is important when any medical or family situation could impact your class attendance or coursework completion. If your pregnancy impacts your ability to attend or complete classes, you need to discuss this with your doctor, and then your faculty to make arrangements. Many women continue with their full schedules while pregnant, but everyone must evaluate their own situation and situations can change.


Your Rights With Title IX (gender non-discrimination in education)

  • Your absences must be excused for as long as your doctor says is necessary.
  • Individual faculty cannot establish attendance rules that conflict with federal law.
  • Be Proactive: Discuss & plan ahead with your faculty for a successful semester.
  • Keep notes (including emails and text messages) about your pregnancy-related absences, or any instances of harassment. Report any problems ASAP to Dee Uwono or Teresa Bill.
  • If you need assistance discussing your absences with your faculty, contact Teresa Bill at SPAM (956-9313) or UHManoa's Title IX Coordinator, Dr. Dee Uwono (956-2299) or
  • UH Mānoa Title IX Office, Website:
  • Download this PDF, "Pregnant & Parenting College & Grad Studentsʻ Rights: FAQ for College Students" for more info.

Pregnancy is tiring. You may want to find a quiet place to rest during the day. Ask your department if there is a student lounge available for use. The Women’s Center is a safe and comfortable space on campus located in QLCSS #211.

Pregnancy can be an especially dangerous time for women in abusive relationships. Violence can often begin or escalate during pregnancy. If you are experiencing intimate partner violence, please contact PAU Violence ( or the Domestic Violence Action Center (531-3771).

Lactation Spaces on Campus
Student parents returning to school and needing a clean and comfortable space to express milk are welcome to use the designated lactation spaces on campus, located at:

  • Gartley Hall Lactorium (GH 201) - to reserve a space call 956-7182 or email:
  • Hamilton Library Lactation Space (HL 313). Click here for more information or to reserve the space. The space can be booked in 30 min. increments up to 60 min.
  • Women's Center Lactation Space (QLCSS #205). For more information, please call the Women's Center at 956-8059 or email to coordinate use of the Lactation room in the student services building.
  • Map of Lactation Locations on Campus - go to the link and click on the map of "Lactation Locations"


If your delivery date, or other pregnancy-related issue, interferes with your ability to finish your current semester then you should communicate with faculty and make plans for an "Incomplete" grade and finishing your coursework. If you decide to take time off from school after delivery you will want to make a plan to return later.

How to Get a “Leave of Absence”
In order to leave school and return without having to re-apply, you need a “Leave of Absence.” Leaves of absence are processed through your College (i.e. Colleges of Arts and Sciences) and require the signature of the College’s Academic Services Dean. If you are in good academic standing (cumulative GPA 2.0 or higher) you are eligible for a total of two semesters (or one academic year) of “leave” during your undergraduate study.

The Mānoa Advising Center assists students without a declared major. Check Student Academic Services Directory for information about other Colleges. Many majors fall within the Colleges of Arts and Sciences. To schedule an appointment with a counselor at the Colleges of Arts and Science. To reach by phone, call 956-8755.

Graduate students - Graduate students apply for leave of absence with the Graduate Records Office. For more details consult the Graduate Division website. The application for leave of absence can be downloaded from here.

You need to submit your signed form to your College/School Departmental Office prior to the "First day of instruction" in the intended semester of leave, or at the time of a complete withdrawal (if mid-semester). Schedule an appointment with an academic counselor at your College Departmental Office as soon as possible.

Withdrawing from Classes
To completely withdraw prior to the first day of instruction, you may drop all of your courses online via MyUH. To drop your classes in person, visit the Records Office in QLCSS # 010 and submit a “Cancellation of Registration.” To contact the Records office by phone, call 956-8010.

To completely withdraw after the semester begins, you will need to obtain a “Complete Withdrawal Form” from your College Student Academic Services office. All “complete withdrawals” after the semester begins must be done in-person. Follow the instructions on the form and obtain all the required approvals and clearances. All University balances must be cleared/paid before the form can be processed. Finally, take your completed form to the University Cashier's Office Service Windows (QLCSS #105) by the deadline. Financial aid recipients must also contact the Financial Aid Office.

Check the Academic Calendar for Withdrawal deadlines.

Financial Aid & Pell Grant
To understand how a withdrawal impacts financial aid, you must speak to a financial aid officer. If you have already received aid for the semester, talk to a financial aid counselor before processing a withdrawal. Depending on the date of withdrawal and other factors, some of the funds may need to be returned.

To schedule an appointment, or to visit the Financial Aid Office, call (808) 956-7251. They are located in QLC # 112. For more information, please read Implications for Withdrawing from Classes found on the UHM financial aid website UHM Financial Aid.

Note: Your financial aid package is based on enrollment. If your schedule drops below full-time, then your financial aid award will be adjusted accordingly.

Notifying Faculty
If you choose to withdraw from your current semester it is important to contact your professors/instructors as soon as possible. Be aware of the semester’s “restricted” withdrawal deadline (check the Academic Calendar). Meet with an academic counselor within your college to explore your options.

University Counseling Services
Being pregnant and having a child while attending college can be overwhelming. If you need support or help figuring out how to face a range of possible difficulties, consider visiting with a counselor. The Counseling and Student Development Center (CSDC) at UH Mānoa provides personal, career, and education counseling that is confidential and free for Mānoa students.

The CSDC office is located in QLCSS #312 and is open from 8am to 4:30pm, M-F. Call 956-7927 or visit them in-person to schedule an appointment. Visit their Website for more information about their services.



Juggling a new baby and school can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Make a plan to return when you are ready and figure out ways to stay academically engaged. Both full-time and part-time enrollment are options, as are online and evening classes. There are lactation rooms available for use on campus. Please call the Women's Center at 956-8059 or email for more information.

Online Classes & Distance Learning
Distance learning, or enrolling in online classes, might be a convenient option for continuing school. UH Mānoa students have the option of attending classes and registering for classes (including online courses) that are offered at any of the other UH campuses. Enrolling in classes at any of the other UH campuses will not affect your enrollment status at UH Mānoa. Online courses are offered at several of the UH campuses. Click here to view Online Course Listings.

If you have any questions, contact the Admissions & Records Office: at (808) 956-8975.

How to Register for Online Classes
To register for an online class offered on another UH campus, go to MyUH Portal and begin by following the same procedure as you would for adding a class at UH Mānoa. You may instead select the alternative campus (where the online class is being offered), then proceed to add the class. Go to the Mānoa Registration Homepage for more information about registering for online classes.

Courses completed at other UH campuses can officially be transferred (upon request) to your UHM transcript through the Admissions and Records office. If you need additional assistance contact the Admissions and Records Office by phone (808) 956-8975, or in person at QLCSS# 001.

Note: While it is possible to register for classes at other UH campuses, be aware that:
  • If you are exempt from the non-resident tuition differential at UHM you may be required to pay non-resident tuition at another campus.
  • Courses offered at other institutions may not transfer, even if the course numbers are the same.
  • Registration policies and procedures may vary. Please consult with the campus offering the course.

Outreach College
Outreach College offers UH Mānoa credit courses in the evenings or weekends. The course credits offered can either make-up your total course load, or count toward your full-time enrollment for a semester. After a course is completed, credits appear on your UH Mānoa transcripts without having to transfer them.

Note: Tuition for Outreach College extension courses is paid separately from UH Mānoa tuition. Academic department tuition waivers and funds disbursed by Financial Aid Services are not accepted for Outreach College courses.

To contact the Outreach College call 956-7221 or visit them on-campus at Krauss Hall 101. Click here to visit their Website.

Other Resources:

Healthy Mothers Health Babies (HMHB) - Coalition of Hawaii
HMHB is committed to ensuring women and families receive access to resources and information before, during and after pregnancy. Workshops are offered for parents (on a sliding fee scale) as well as a helpful resource directory and pregnancy guide. They also offer a free MothersCare Phone Line service and a Text4Baby service, which is a free text messaging service providing health information.

The Pregnant Scholar
An online toolkit for university students, faculty, and administrators on pregnancy and parenting.